Email Marketing and SEO: Working hand in hand

When people talk about search engine optimization or email marketing in Dubai, they’re often termed as outdated forms of digital marketing these days. Yet year after year, both disciplines continue to be the one of the most effective marketing channels available, when implemented properly.

While both are great tools for lead generation and higher ROI, these marketing forms are rarely talked about together. In reality, both SEO and email marketing have the ability to drive targeted traffic to your website and help you generate more leads and ROI. So why not use SEO to improve your email marketing and vice-versa?

If you think about it, SEO and email marketing do have a few things in common. They’re both constantly evolving and changing to adapt to new user trends such as the increased use of mobile devices for reading emails and for accessing websites and reading blogs, and they’re both used for content promotion and for generating leads.

So while your email marketing strategy doesn’t directly affect your search engine ranking, this doesn’t mean that you can’t use them together. Let’s take a look at how email marketing and SEO can work hand in hand to help generate better results for your business in Dubai:

Creating a subject line

Creating a title to a blog post follows the same thought process when creating the subject line for an email. With both scenarios, it’s got to be catchy and short and sweet. Try to use your SEO knowledge when writing up the subject line using the most important and relevant keywords, preferably as close to the beginning of your subject line as possible.

If you think of how people would search for your business online, try and use those keywords in your subject lines as well. The way people decide whether or not to open an email is not very different to how they decide whether to open one link over another when they perform a Google search. The more you use relevant keywords in your subject lines, the more likely it is your recipients will actually open the emails you send them.

Using relevant keywords in your emails

With SEO, Google cares more about the readability of your content. Meaning it credits those websites that contains relevant keywords used organically so that it shows that your content is designed specifically for readers, and not clinically that is made for the benefit of search engines.

This is how you should craft your emails as well. Try to use relevant keywords throughout the email and create a layout that is easy to read. Don’t forget about the power of long-tail keywords as well, even though you’re not actually ranking for them directly. Not only will adding keywords and long-tail keywords make your emails more readable and more relevant.

Making use of email to get more backlinks

We know that the more inbound links or backlinks you get from top websites, the more likely it is that your ranking will also grow. Which begs the question- why not use your email and your subscribers to get more inbound links?

Whenever you write an extensive guide, list or study share it with your subscribers and explain what makes it such a valuable resource. This way, they can link to article, guide or whitepaper on their blog or website. Also importantly, take the opportunity to ask your subscribers directly to share that link on social media.

Thus for two practices that seem so fundamentally different at first sight, they can actually work together. So set out to improve your business results, by improving your search engine ranking and your emails’ open and click-through rate.

By Bassem Saber Digital Marketing Expert
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