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Do you wonder how an e-commerce website should be designed and developed to generate the best leads and user experience?

As you might already know, to judge how a good website is, you look at the UI and UX. The UI or User Interface is what the user sees in terms of graphics, design, fonts, call to actions, etc. It is important of course that the website reflects a professional business; that is good images, tidy elements, good presentable font, etc. think about it as a user entering a shop on the street; that’s how the user should feel when visiting a website.

The UX or User Experience is equally or even more important because imagine a customer enters a beautiful shop on the street, and doesn’t find the content that he/ she is looking for, the employees are rude, or the clothes are of a bad quality, etc. that’s exactly how the user feels when landing on a website that its speed is slow, doesn’t work well on mobile, provides irrelevant or missing information, etc. Having said that, it is key to work on both elements, UI and UX.

If you are looking at re-developing your current website, or developing a new one, it’s important to speak to an expert agency that not only has years of experience, but an agency that cares about others’ businesses.

E-commerce Web Design Agency In Dubai

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Are you wondering which language or which platform to build your e-commerce website on?

E-commerce Website Design Dubai

The answer varies depending on the size of your ecommerce website, whether you have inhouse developers to manage the needed updates, which industry you are in, your budget, etc.

We’ve been building Ecommerce websites for over a decade and we sure know what to advise on based on your needs. Talk to one of our Ecommerce consultants and let them share their knowhow with you.

Talk to one of them, and let them share with you what’s best for your business.

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Some of Our E-Commerce Clients’ Testimonials

We engaged Igloo for our digital marketing activities and ultimately to increase our online sales. After a thorough analysis of our website and marketing activities, Igloo drafted a plan that made financial and logical sense to us. After 4 months of engagement with Igloo, we can see that the results have improved tremendously, and the return customer rate is increasing. Based on this experience, we recommend Igloo for any online business.

M.T| Managing Director

About Igloo

Igloo started back in 2004 in Beirut, Lebanon and moved its headquarters to Dubai, UAE in 2013.

We are diverse team of digital marketing experts, creative thinkers, designers, and web developers who are passionate about growing businesses, and helping others achieve their goals.

This is our management team that’s based in Dubai and supported with others that work in different offices around the world.

Elias Saber
Elias Saber
Partner/ Strategy
Carla Castillo
Carla Castillo
Partner/ Social Media and Content
Simon Saber
Simon Saber
Partner/ Design and Technology
Bassem Saber
Bassem Saber
Partner/ Performance Marketing
Charlotte Vermeer
Charlotte Vermeer
Partner/ Commercial

At Igloo, we are skilled and equipped to deliver web design & web development solutions that are customized to meet your respective business requirements. We have high standards of operation to provide your website visitors with the best visual and interactive experience, ensuring happy, converting, and returning customers.

  • Custom web development with international standards
  • Functional and cost-effective web interface for best user experience
  • Mobile-friendly, CMS, payment gateway and social media integrated designs
  • Highly experienced and qualified UX team
  • Premium services including scalability and high-quality checks
  • Secure content management systems
  • Transparent procedures and no hidden costs
  • 24hr response time for technical enquiries
  • Emergency and instant availability across multiple communication channels

From informative, services, and blogging websites to shopping and e-commerce websites, we have done it all. Our team of UI/ UX experts have been designing and developing websites for decades, and at Igloo we have designed & built over 100 websites, and monthly serviced over 80 happy clients.

Let us know what are you thinking to build, and we will give you a free advice on what we think is best for your business.

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