Easy tips to boost Google Ads with Ad Extensions

Ad extensions are a great way to make your advert pop out from the rest. Not only do they help you show extra information relevant to your business, but utilizing your entire range of ad extensions, increases the size of your ads, making it more visible and prominent, and so a better click through rate!

There’s a whole selection of ad extensions you can use based on your advertising goal. Here are some common goals and suggested ad extensions to support your goal.

Target customers to visit your business location
If you are a store or a restaurant, you might want to direct online customers to your physical address. Here are some extensions that could be useful:

Location extensions – The location extension helps you show your business address along with a Google map to your location. This could be quite handy when coupled with a call button or call extension and a link to your business detail page. You can include business hours, photos of your business and other useful information to benefit your customers.

Affiliate location extensions – Helps customer find retail chain stores close to them that sell your products.

Get customers to contact you
If you want people to call you or send you a text message query, use call extensions or message extensions:

Call extensions – Encourage people to call your business by adding a phone number or call button to your ads.
Message extensions – Set up mobile ads and add this extension so customers can send you text messages from your ad.

Drive customers to your website to convert

If you want visitors to purchase or use your services online, use these ad extensions:

Sitelink extensions – With this extension, you can add additional website links to your ad. This helps you direct visitors to specific pages on your website that is relevant which could lead to potential sales.

Callout extensions – By adding callouts to specific pages at ad group level like “Limited Stock” or “20% off Puma” you can create urgency and boost the CTR.

Structured snippet extensions – Select predefined headers (e.g. product or service category) and list items under the headers, to give customers a preview of the type and range of your product and services by simply looking at your ad.

Price extensions – Display your product categories or services along with prices extensions. Visitors can click on the link of each price extension, to go where they want to on the website. Available in select countries.

Review extensions – Show third party reviews and ratings from published sources with your ads. Not only does it add credibility to your website it also helps boost sales.

Get people to download your app
Use app extensions to get people to download your app.

App extensions – Encourage people to download your app using the app extension. It’s available globally for Android and iOS mobile devices, including tablets.

By Bassem Saber Digital Marketing Expert
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