How Dynamic Content can change your marketing strategy

Let’s clear the most obvious question first- what is dynamic content?

To put it simply, dynamic content is online content on your website, forms, landing pages or emails that changes based on the viewer. ​It changes based on user preferences, access time and personal information in order to deliver a current and engaging online experience.

The best example of dynamic content is a personalized greeting you may read on a mass emailer, where the recipient’s name is retrieved from the database and inserted into the email.

But this is only one of the forms dynamic content can take shape of. Here’s a look at a few great ways you can use dynamic content in creating a personalised user experience:

    1. Tailored ad targeting

Dynamic content can be used as a powerful tool for personalizing the web experience for users. Online consumers often get frustrated with websites when content viewed on offers, ads, promotions that appear, have nothing to do with their interests.

So use your identified visitors’ demographic information and their online activity data to create website content that will speak directly to them.

    1. Enhanced landing pages

Dynamic content is also useful on landing pages with body content, images and videos that are more relevant and enticing. Once again, use what you know about your prospective customers to create a landing page that’s tailored to their individual frame of mind and interests as much as possible.

    1. Better form effectiveness

You can work towards getting as many form conversions as possible by optimizing your forms to increase the likelihood of submission. If you’re using a marketing tool, use progressive profiling to display new form fields each time a user submits a form, instead of having them enter repeated information. Also, by limiting your forms to only 3-4 new form fields, you’re giving your forms the best chance at success.

    1. And of course, personalized emails

Dynamic content can be used for both prospective and client communications with a monthly newsletter, webinar blast or promotional emailers. Whether its upcoming events based on the recipient’s location, relevant industry news or exciting offers a recipient maybe interested in, personalised emails can go a long way in reaching out to the right audience with the right message.

To sum up the advantages, dynamic content is important because:

  • – It’s personal: every single response can be crafted based on the user’s request or previous visits to the site
  • – It’s interactive: it’s a two-way street where dynamic websites provide content to users and then allow users to submit information back to the server
  • – It’s seamless: websites can load dynamic content over an already loaded web page without the user being aware of it

Revamp your content marketing

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By Carla Castillo Managing Partner

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