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In our first meeting, we will tell you if we’re a good fit for you. If not, we’re more than happy to refer you to another agency that can meet your needs.

Transparency is key at Igloo—we are upfront with what we can provide, and we make sure that we can really help all the clients we work with.

We are an award-winning digital marketing agency in Dubai that specializes in digital marketing, website development, and branding. We have worked in the Middle East for the last 15 years, and we have seen success, running hundreds of digital marketing projects in Dubai and cities all over the world.

Our clients enjoy working with us because we provide results—that is, we make sure the work we do helps their bottom line.

If you are still searching for the right agency, check our guide to choosing your Digital Marketing Company in Dubai. It may help to come up with a list of questions to ask the agencies; this will guide your search and give you a better understanding of digital marketing in Dubai.


Some of our Digital Marketing Case Studies

How to choose a Digital Marketing Agency in Dubai?

Visit their website

At the very minimum, a digital marketing agency must have a website; they’re a digital company, after all. Examine how their website looks and functions: Is it aesthetically pleasing? Is it easy to navigate? Is the text well-written? Does it have pages about their services, customer reviews, awards, and press releases?

You should leave their website impressed. Otherwise, move along.

Read online reviews

See what others are saying about the SEO company on Google, Facebook, YouTube, listing sites, and forums. If they’re saying good things about the agency, great. If not, take it as a warning. If they’ve passed the website eye-test, look at what others say about them online. Do research about them on Google, Facebook, YouTube, listing sites, and forums. Negative reviews or no reviews at all should serve as a warning.

If you have friends or acquaintances who are fans or subscribers of their pages, ask them about the digital marketing agency. Personal accounts will help you a lot.

Check them out on LinkedIn

A quick search on LinkedIn will reveal if you have any professional connections with the digital marketing agency and its employees. It should also give you a better understanding about their company’s professional profile.

Again, if you see any common connections, reach out and ask them about the agency.

Visit them in person

Just because an agency is digital doesn’t mean you can skip in-person introductions. In fact, a face-to-face meeting is a great way to get a feel of the agency. It’s also an effective way to sniff out any red flags.

Pay a visit to their office and see them in action. There are times when you can sense if things just feel right.

Ask for their business license

Any digital marketing agency that operates in Dubai should have a trade license. If the agency you’re dealing with doesn’t have one, it should be a no-go.

Ask for their audited financial statement

Always make sure that the agency you’re dealing with is in good financial health. If they refuse to show their finances (after you sign an NDA, of course), take it as a sign that they’re not willing to be fully transparent with you.

Ask for their qualifications and certifications

A digital marketing agency should have the basic qualifications for the services it provides. For example, if they do search marketing, are they Google AdWords certified? Or if they do social media marketing, are they Facebook Blueprint certified?

Certifications aren’t the end all and be all of digital marketing, but they’re a good place to start.

See their work

Any agency worth its salt should let the work do the talking.

Ask to see their project portfolio. A seasoned agency should be able to show you at least thirty projects. Any less and you might be dealing with a beginner agency (nothing wrong with that, but having a proven track record definitely helps).

Meet your potential account manager

It isn’t only the agency you work with that matters, it’s also who they assign to you.

Request to meet your potential account manager and his boss. Ask them about their creative direction, management style, and how they resolve conflict. Treat the session as a job interview, which should be the case since you’re screening them for a job anyway.

Meet the CEO

Leadership will tell you a lot about the company’s direction and culture. Is the CEO someone who shares your values? Who believes in the same things your brand does? Does she/he have a strong sense of ownership and good work ethic?

If the answer to all those questions is yes, then that’s a major positive.

Speak with their clients

The best predictor of how they will handle your account is how they handled past accounts. Ask to speak to their clients so you can get a better idea of how they work.

Some useful things to ask their clients: Does the agency deliver as promised? Are they easy to work with? Do they respect deadlines? Are their campaigns helpful to the business?

If they’ve treated clients well in the past, you can be confident that they’ll do the same for you.

Start with a small project

There’s no telling how a digital marketing agency will work until you actually get on a project. But that doesn’t mean you can’t test them.

Hold off going all in and put them on a small project. If they do well, then you can put them on a bigger project. If not, then at least you didn’t waste too much time and money.

Make sure there is a reward-penalty system in place

It’s no secret that people work for the right incentives. For your partnership to be successful, it’s important that you place the right rewards and penalties in place if the digital marketing agency overdelivers or underdelivers.

Examples of incentives are bonuses for excellent performance and penalties for work submitted late. The most important part for you, being the client, is to ensure that the agency’s success metrics are tied to your business goals—their success should be your success.

Set these expectations from the beginning so the agency understands that helping you achieve your business goals also helps them.

Still wondering how to get into digital marketing and what digital marketing channels to explore?

Wondering which Digital Marketing channels you should invest in?

Your Digital Marketing Agency should have the answer!

The answer varies if you are a B2B or a B2C, if you are into retail or e-commerce, the time you’ve been in business, the niche you are in, the way your target market consumes their content, etc.

There are many strategies a business can follow; that includes organic or paid strategies, push or pull marketing strategies, influencer marketing, affiliate marketing and more.

If you aren’t sure which digital marketing agency in Dubai to talk to or which channels to invest in, have a word with few digital agencies and start with a test with one or more agencies.

Because we have successfully helped many businesses with their digital marketing strategies for over a decade, we are qualified to find out where you should best invest to get the highest returns.


What digital channels Igloo offers as a Digital Marketing Agency?

We are an award-winning digital marketing agency that proves 360-degree solutions through multiple services including pay per click advertising, SEO, social media marketing, web development, branding, influencer marketing, marketing automation, and more.

Click the links below to find out more about our services.


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Some of our clients


Yes, we do. When digital marketing is done right, then an agency should be able to guarantee results.

We work with various industries including FMCG, E-Commerce, Real Estate, Automotive, Healthcare, Education, Law, Finance, and more.

Yes, we do. We also share a real-time report that our clients can access 24/7 through a link.

The answer varies from business to business, it’s better for some businesses to focus on push marketing like Social Media & Display Ads, and some on Search Ads and SEO.

Our team is based in Dubai, France, UK, US, Serbia, Poland, India, and Lebanon.

Both are good. It depends if you are looking for quick results or long-term. Google Ads can go live immediately and started generating sales, while SEO takes months to start generating you a good amount of traffic and sales. SEO traffic quality is usually more qualified as the users that know the difference normally don’t trust ads.

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