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Video – Do Social Media Ads Work?

Almost everyone is on social media. So, does it make sense your brand to be there too? Many businesses I talk to say that social media ads gets them a lot junk queries, like people applying for jobs, trying to sell them something, etc. And I ask them, what is the percentage of these queries… Read more

Video – Are Google Search Ads Worth it?

I recently started working with an e-commerce business that gets their sales mainly from Facebook and Instagram Ads. They ran Google Search Ads in the past but didn’t work for them. When I analyzed their Google Ads account, it was a complete mess; the person that they hired to do the work obviously didn’t know… Read more

Video – Referring domains vs links

Don’t be fooled by the number of backlinks you have. What’s important is the number of referring domains you have. 1 link from a high authority website is worth more than a 1000 links from a low authority website. Having said that, focus on getting links from high authority sites, instead of getting tons of… Read more

Video – SEO or Google Ads or Social Media Ads?

There is a big difference between SEO traffic, Google Ads and Social Media Ads traffic. SEO traffic is always the most qualified because most users nowadays know the difference between Ads and Organic Listings. Users trust websites that rank organically more than ones that rank on ads. The bummer is that organic ranking takes a… Read more

Video – EVERYONE MUST know about digital marketing!

Most businesses today use digital channels to market their business.  So if you are a business manager and don’t understand how social media, search marketing, digital advertising, and marketing automation work, how are you able to come up with a marketing plan to reach your goals?  And if you hire people to do the work… Read more

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