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Video – Is Marketing Automation Complex?

Is Marketing Automation Complex? Anything you don’t know, might seem complex. And that applies to marketing automation. Marketing automation is a software you use to keep your clients engaged, and to warm up leads. You can engage with your clients by sending them regular updates that add value to them, like, offers, birthday wishes, promo… Read more

Video – The POWER of Marketing Automation

Video Transcript: The POWER of Marketing Automation Many medium size businesses I talk to in the B2B and B2C spaces don’t automate their marketing. And that is WRONG! As a business, you can automate many of your marketing activities to grow your revenues, and you can do that for a fraction of your marketing budget…. Read more

Video – Digital Marketing – Where to Start?

Video Transcription: Hi everyone, i met a prospect asking me where to start investing in digital marketing. As the options are wide including SEO, Google Ads, Social Media, Email Marketing, Marketing Automation, Influencer Marketing, online PR, and more, the prospect was overwhelmed with the options and wasn’t sure where to start investing. If you are… Read more

7 Benefits of Email Marketing

No matter what you’ve heard, email marketing is still a strategy that remains relevant in the modern business landscape.  Sure, social media is powerful considering it’s where millennials seem to have proven most present. Still, email users tower over those on Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook with over 3.7 billion users on Yahoo, Gmail, and other… Read more

8 Great Tactics to Improve your Email Blasts in 2017

Email marketing is an excellent way to promote content and products, and for a long time, ‘Email blasts’ were considered an acceptable form of email marketing. An ’email blast’ or ‘e-blast’ is simply the practice of sending one email to thousands of recipients, often unsolicited. The practice is now widely shunned, and because of its… Read more

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