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Video – Is Marketing Automation Complex?

Is Marketing Automation Complex? Anything you don’t know, might seem complex. And that applies to marketing automation. Marketing automation is a software you use to keep your clients engaged, and to warm up leads. You can engage with your clients by sending them regular updates that add value to them, like, offers, birthday wishes, promo… Read more

Video – Are Social Media Posts Worth It?

I get these questions a lot. Should I post on social media? Will posting on social media get me business? How often should I post? Which platform is the best? If these questions come to your mind, I would tell you, in short, that social media is a great place for your business to be…. Read more

Video – How To Choose An SEO Agency?

I talk to many businesses that chose an SEO agency because this agency ranked high on search engines. They also chose an agency because they got guaranteed results, or they chose one because that agency offered them lower prices than others. Just so you know, businesses can rank high on search engines for a period… Read more

Video – 3 Crucial Page Elements for SEO!

The first element is Title Tags. Title Tags tell search engines what each page is about; so in this case it’s important to add the main keyword you want to target on that page, in the title tag. The second element is Headers or Htags. A website page could have maximum 6 header types (h1… Read more

Video – 2 Most Important Values Of Header Tags!

2 Most Important Values Of Header Tags First, search engines like pages that are rightly structured. They don’t like pages that are full of text without headers. Google would always rank a page that has an H1, H2 and H3 tags vs a page that only has an H1, or only H2s. Yes, you’d be… Read more

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