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Video – SEO or Google Ads or Social Media Ads?

There is a big difference between SEO traffic, Google Ads and Social Media Ads traffic. SEO traffic is always the most qualified because most users nowadays know the difference between Ads and Organic Listings. Users trust websites that rank organically more than ones that rank on ads. The bummer is that organic ranking takes a… Read more

Video – Automate Your Marketing!

Do you like to have more time? Who doesn’t right? Well, why don’t you automate some of your daily tasks? What if you can automate posting your social media posts? or sending connection requests on LinkedIn and writing intro notes? or sending emails to your database? or sending WhatsApp messages to many people at once?… Read more

Video – EVERYONE MUST know about digital marketing!

Most businesses today use digital channels to market their business.  So if you are a business manager and don’t understand how social media, search marketing, digital advertising, and marketing automation work, how are you able to come up with a marketing plan to reach your goals?  And if you hire people to do the work… Read more

Video – You Are A Marketeer!

YOU Are A Marketeer! This video is for business people and managers. If you are in business, then you are a marketeer. If you are in sales, you market the business you work for. If you are in marketing, you do the same. If you are in an operation or an admin role like finance,… Read more

Video – Want to get business from LinkedIn?

Many of us spend time on LinkedIn just liking posts, and sometimes commenting? If you want to get business from LinkedIn, follow these 3 top secrets: First, share added value content so others learn about you and your expertise. Second, use sales navigator to reach out to potential clients. Remember to add value to them… Read more

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