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Video – How To Get Sitelinks in 2020

Video Transcription: I was asked yesterday how to get sitelinks to show on Google when users search for my business. Well, the answer is Google decides based on how users are navigating and using your website. There’s nothing you can do to have the sitelinks appear all the time; here you see when I typed… Read more

Top 20 Local Listing Directories for Business in Dubai

The greatest benefit of getting your business listed in a local directory is simple—your customers will know where to reach you. Much like a phonebook, those browsing can spot you by industry, and make decisions based on provided information. Unlike a phonebook, online directories can do a lot more to beef up your brand reputation… Read more

Video – Best 3 Free Backlink Sources To Grow Your Website Traffic

Video Transcription: Getting backlinks is by far the most difficult part of SEO; we all know that; it is more difficult than creating content, and more difficult to perform onpage and technical SEO. Creating content is easy because you just create content following the SEO rules and you post them on your site; you don’t… Read more

What is Healthcare Digital Marketing: Definition, Strategy, and Evolution

Healthcare digital marketing is vital to running a medical service. It keeps you top of mind among potential clients and two steps ahead of the competition. However, not many healthcare providers give it enough attention. We’ve seen a number of clinics invest heavily in customer experience, only to close down because they lacked any customers… Read more

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