branded content
Posted by Igloo | 15 November 2021 | Uncategorized
Why Your Business Should Invest in Branded Content

Amidst a digital marketplace where businesses are constantly trying to stand out above the rest, branded content can provide the much-needed visibility boost you need. With about 74.5% of marketers incorporating branded materials into their online strategies, you don’t want to be the only business trailing behind.  Successful brand marketers incorporate blogs, videos, social media...

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company website
Posted by Igloo | 12 November 2021 | Web Design, Website Development
11 Parts of an Effective Company Website

A company’s website is the cornerstone of its digital marketing. Here, consumers expect to find information about your business, its products and services, and methods of getting in touch. To craft a well-rounded business website, a few non-negotiables must be present.  If your business is looking to launch its company website, here are a few...

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social media
Posted by Igloo | 10 November 2021 | Uncategorized
How to Build an Effective Social Media Campaign

Many online marketers mistakenly believe that social media campaigns are easy. After all, if thirteen-year-olds are going viral, why can’t an established business do the same? Unfortunately, there are many reasons—social media campaigns require thorough research, clever marketing, and lots of patience.  If your business is lagging behind its competitors and lacks a commanding social...

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paid advertising
Posted by Igloo | 08 November 2021 | Uncategorized, Uncategorized, Uncategorized
9 Paid Advertising Lessons We Wish We’d Learned Earlier

Marketers have a lot on their plate. Between crafting engaging content and maximizing marketing dollars, they, too, have to keep up with the challenges of paid advertising. Nowadays, internet marketing conversion rates average at a measly 1%, which makes the need for paid advertising more critical than ever before.  If your organic campaigns aren’t faring...

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local seo services
Posted by Igloo | 04 November 2021 | Home, SEO
Local SEO Services: What You Need to Get Started

Local SEO services are a life-saving tool for businesses looking to stay competitive in their own respective areas of operation. They put your services front-and-center for your closest leads and position you as a top recommendation by the most trusted search engines in the world. It’s the great equalizer for modern enterprise, which is why...

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Posted by Igloo | 03 November 2021 | Branding, Home
Rebranding Explained: How to Give Your Business a Fresh Start

Suppose you have a perfectly curated brand identity. Your logo is easily recognizable. Your color schemes are married across every platform. Your tone is distinctly you. A rebrand might be the last thing on your mind.  However, the digital marketplace is ever-changing. As a result, even the most established businesses can become obsolete if they...

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website landing page
Posted by Igloo | 01 November 2021 | Home, Web Design, Website Development
Everything You Should Know about Website Landing Pages

Website landing pages are among the most valuable pieces of content you could ever design. In the world of digital marketing, nearly all roads lead to landing pages: they’re the key to turning interested web users into paying customers. Landing pages are pages on your website that users can’t navigate to from your homepage. Instead,...

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facebook paid ads
Posted by Igloo | 28 October 2021 | Home, Social Media
Facebook Paid Ads 101: How to Run Smart, Effective Campaigns

Nowadays, the best way to increase business returns is to tap into users on social media platforms. Facebook alone hosts more than 2.33 billion active monthly users who are always looking to discover the next big thing.  So, if you aren’t running a Facebook campaign for your brand, you could already be lagging behind your...

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display advertising
Posted by Igloo | 26 October 2021 | Home, PPC
Display Advertising in 2021: Tips and Tricks for Success

Display advertising is a form of digital marketing that involves placing compelling visuals (i.e. your ads) up on display banners around the internet. These take many different forms and come with various requirements, but they can generate strong results when done correctly. With clicks costing an average of $0.58 a piece, it’s often a very...

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SEO Services
Posted by Igloo | 25 October 2021 | Home, SEO
5 SEO Services to Consider When Hiring an Agency

SEO (or search engine optimization) is the practice of creating, populating, and promoting web pages or sites with the goal of securing top rankings on search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo. There are many different factors that go into SEO, which makes pulling it off a difficult task for businesses that don’t have years...

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