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6 social media marketing mistakes to avoid

As we know, social media plays an integral role in any successful digital marketing strategy. With 74% of people using social networking platforms, the opportunity to increase your site’s online presence to a new and larger consumer base, cannot be ignored. Social media marketing can be a great tool for optimizing your web presence. But if… Read more

Designers and Clients: Unravelling the silent war

It’s almost a running joke these days among creative spaces regarding the stormy relationship between designers and clients. And like any modern relationship, the trouble often lies in the communication. There’s a lot of talking and less listening and the important takeaways are lost in translation. Getting paid to be a designer, not an artist… Read more

7 website design trends of 2016

Design, regardless of how and where it’s applied, has one thing in common and stays true- it’s always evolving. Even with the case of website design in Dubai, it’s dynamic and constantly evolving to accommodate both form and function. Positive user experience is the core focus of good design and designers are working towards creating content… Read more

6 reasons you can’t ignore PPC

According to latest advertising reports, search ads account for $9.1 billion, or 40% of the total Internet advertising revenue in 2016. When including mobile-related search revenue, search ads total $11.8 billion in revenue. So what does this mean? PPC matters to your brand and it certainly drives revenue. The need for visibility online and in… Read more

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