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Video – Best 3 Free Backlink Sources To Grow Your Website Traffic

Video Transcription: Getting backlinks is by far the most difficult part of SEO; we all know that; it is more difficult than creating content, and more difficult to perform onpage and technical SEO. Creating content is easy because you just create content following the SEO rules and you post them on your site; you don’t… Read more

What is Healthcare Digital Marketing: Definition, Strategy, and Evolution

Healthcare digital marketing is vital to running a medical service. It keeps you top of mind among potential clients and two steps ahead of the competition. However, not many healthcare providers give it enough attention. We’ve seen a number of clinics invest heavily in customer experience, only to close down because they lacked any customers… Read more

Video – What is keyword rank 0 or featured snippets?

Video Transcription: Keyword Rank 0, also known as featured snippets, is the highest ranking result on the Google Search Engine Results Pages.  It ranks higher than all organic search results, including rank 1 of course, but lower than the paid ads for that search term.  It is an expanded text or video result that generally… Read more

10 Tips for Better Healthcare Marketing in Dubai

Healthcare marketing in a competitive market such as Dubai is more challenging than ever in the digital age. The audience is inundated with information. Ads left and right compete for limited attention and overstimulate the public. Lacking an online presence is tantamount to not existing at all, and in order to thrive online, you have… Read more

Video – What is CRO & How To Apply It?

Video Transcription: Conversion Rate Optimization or CRO is the process of increasing the percentage of website visitors who take a desired action; be it filling out a form, buying a product, registering for a newsletter, etc. The CRO process involves understanding how users navigate your site, what’s stopping them from taking the desired actions, and… Read more

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