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5 logo trends we’re seeing in 2016

The art of logo design continues to be a relevant discipline in brand engagement. With technology changing the game for businesses everywhere, it challenges designers to stay up to date with consumer and digital trends, producing designs that speak clearly and effectively. The frequency of engagement is increasing and the quality has become more inclusive and personal…. Read more

A “Near Me” future paves way to a brave new world

The hottest marketing trend everyone’s been talking about these days is location-based marketing. As brands continue to invest in mobile, Google has made significant moves to pave way to the future of mobile location marketing. The idea is based on the frequent “near me” searches that consumers are making to find services or events that… Read more

Why Your Business Needs A Responsive Website

We live in a multi-device world where information is now consumed across different devices and screens. This means your website should have the capacity to cater to customers returning to your site at different times and across all devices, for an optimal user experience. This is where responsive web design comes into play. Responsive design… Read more

5 landing page elements to ensure online conversion

  There are many features that a searcher or shopper might seek to help them complete an online purchase. When it comes to successful paid search, it’s not just about ad copy. You have to pay attention to what you’re displaying on your landing pages as well. A landing page is the page an interested consumer lands… Read more

5 web design disasters to steer clear from

So you’ve done the work- created a website for your business and created a profile on every social platform. Yet your business is not attracting more customers. So what’s going wrong? There’s a chance that it’s not your brand that’s the problem, but the way you present it online. Maybe your website needs a facelifts…. Read more

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