Posted by Igloo | 16 March 2017 | Web Design
Best Web Design Practices: Using SEO and UX Together

Google’s main ideology has always been “focus on the user and all else will follow.” But many SEO companies in Dubai continue to ignore this advice by still creating web pages crammed with keywords and designed for web crawlers. Google and other engines are becoming increasingly more sophisticated where designing UX (user experience) is much...

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Posted by Igloo | 14 March 2017 | Social Media
7 Things You Should Know About Facebook Advertising

Social media has become a popular and exciting advertising platform in Dubai, but it also undoubtedly challenging. Owing to Facebook’s wide reach and relatively low cost, brands these days find it a suitable option and cost effective option for their advertising. Yet, just when people believe they have figured it out, Facebook surprises with new...

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Posted by Igloo | 12 March 2017 | Content Marketing, Insights, Uncategorized
4 Areas to Maximize on for Great Content Marketing

The competition for online attention is heating up and marketers must find ways to reach their audiences in the most relevant and targeted way possible. Content marketing as we know, has become one of the top ways for businesses and marketers in Dubai to reach their audiences online. So isn’t it time that we really...

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Posted by Igloo | 09 March 2017 | Uncategorized
6 Quick Tips To Improve Your Instagram Marketing

Why are brands flocking to Instagram for business? As the fastest growing social media platform, half of its user base (more than 300 million) now uses it every day! Brands on Instagram are also seeing huge amounts of engagement on Instagram. But as a business, you already have a lot on your plate. So how...

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Posted by Igloo | 07 March 2017 | Digital Marketing, Insights, Uncategorized
4 Digital Marketing Trends to Make Most of in 2017

The thing that makes digital marketing most exciting, and often times challenging, is that it’s constantly evolving. There will always be new ways to attract your target audience and convert them into sales and revenue. That’s why new trends can’t be ignored. Trends in a sense reflect consumer’s changing behaviours, and without knowing and understand...

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Posted by Igloo | 05 March 2017 | Digital Marketing, Insights, Uncategorized
6 In Demand Skills Every Digital Marketer Should Have in 2017

2017 is off to a big start with a massive push in digital marketing in Dubai. This year, spending on digital marketing is expected to increase by 12% to 15% on average. What does this mean for marketers? That the learning and growing never stops. Marketers must now step up to the plate in order...

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Posted by Igloo | 02 March 2017 | Content Marketing, Insights, Marketing Automation, Uncategorized
What Are Lead Magnets And How Can They Help Email Campaigns

We live in a time of carefully considered decision making. Buyers now take their time to make informed decisions while shopping, assessing every aspect of a desired product and brand. Which is why if you’re using email marketing in Dubai, you need to find the right hooks to bring in more subscribers. The best way...

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Posted by Igloo | 28 February 2017 | Web Design
How Analytics Can Help Effective Landing Page Optimization

Making full use of your analytics platform lays the groundwork for effective optimization of your landing page. There is a tendency to make optimizations based on best practices or what others are doing in the industry, but instead, utilize analytics to focus on two important aspects: Whom your optimizations should be targeting And where on...

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Posted by Igloo | 26 February 2017 | Social Media
Understanding Facebook News Feed Ads

If you’ve just started your social media marketing campaign in Dubai, you may be faced with certain questions about the types of Facebook ads and their reach. In this article we help you answer the following: What is the difference between boosting a post on Facebook and running a News Feed ad? Is boosting your...

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Posted by Igloo | 23 February 2017 | Content Marketing, Digital Marketing, Insights, Marketing Automation, SEO
Email Marketing and SEO: Working hand in hand

When people talk about search engine optimization or email marketing in Dubai, they’re often termed as outdated forms of digital marketing these days. Yet year after year, both disciplines continue to be the one of the most effective marketing channels available, when implemented properly. While both are great tools for lead generation and higher ROI,...

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