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The Basics of Landing Page Design

In today’s digitally-driven business landscape, any inbound marketer knows that hard work extends beyond collecting followers. While generating leads is a crucial first step, converting them into sales is what can make or break a business–and what better way to entice your audience than through your landing page? Landing pages are essential in persuading customers… Read more

How Market Segmentation Increases Your ROI in the UAE

If you’re in the process of building your business and deciding what products or services to offer, then you’ve probably already decided on a target market: a clearly defined group of customers you want to serve.  Oftentimes, your target market starts out broad and you’ll have a sense of whom you want to avail your… Read more

7 Benefits of Email Marketing

No matter what you’ve heard, email marketing is still a strategy that remains relevant in the modern business landscape.  Sure, social media is powerful considering it’s where millennials seem to have proven most present. Still, email users tower over those on Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook with over 3.7 billion users on Yahoo, Gmail, and other… Read more

6 Internet Marketing Strategies That Really Work in 2019

Internet marketing is the new normal, and its incredible convenience makes it an easy status quo to adopt. Nowadays, all your needs are easily addressed with the click of a button—or in some cases, the tap of a trackpad or touchscreen.  Groceries? Laundry? Pet grooming? There’s always, “an app for that.” With this plethora of… Read more

6 Reasons Why the Top Digital Agencies in Dubai Focus on Performance Marketing

If you’ve never heard the term performance marketing before, then you’re missing out on a valuable perspective on digital marketing. The top digital agencies in Dubai (and around the world) have shifted their focus to performance marketing for a wide variety of reasons. Performance marketing is a broad term with a very unique definition: it… Read more

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