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Video – Don’t be fooled by “SEO” agencies!

Video Transcript: Stay away from SEO agencies that guarantee you to rank on page 1 of google in a few months. The SEO agencies that promise such results are doing 2 things to achieve that: first, they rank you for keywords that have low search volume second, they buy tons of links from spammy sites… Read more

Video – How To Start Marketing Your New E-commerce Business?

Video Transcript: I met 3 people that launched an ecommerce business that sells clothes for kids and moms. They asked me what’s the best way to start generating sales with the lowest budget. I told them based on my years of experience working with similar businesses that the best way is to drive 10,000 users… Read more

How Healthcare Digital Marketing Can Attract Patients In The UAE

There’s a reason why clinics and hospitals in the UAE are working to establish their brands online: healthcare digital marketing is a profitable investment. Maintaining a strong online presence is a great way to attract patients, fuel business intelligence, and build loyalty among the people in your market over time. In this article, we’ll go… Read more

Video – Website Performance? 2 Free Tools To Check Out!

Video Transcript: Having a fast website is definitely very important to convert more visitors into paying customers. In this video I’m going to share with you 2 free tools that show you your website performance and the opportunities you could work on to improve your website score. The first free tool is called GTmetrix; I’ll… Read more

Video – Digital Marketing – Where to Start?

Video Transcription: Hi everyone, i met a prospect asking me where to start investing in digital marketing. As the options are wide including SEO, Google Ads, Social Media, Email Marketing, Marketing Automation, Influencer Marketing, online PR, and more, the prospect was overwhelmed with the options and wasn’t sure where to start investing. If you are… Read more

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