social media trends
Posted by Igloo | 09 February 2022 | Social Media
The Most Influential Social Media Trends to Follow in 2022

As the popularity of social media exponentially grows, the average business should do more than think about their next viral hit of a post. They should also think about what social media trends they might expect in this continuously shifting virtual landscape. To give your business an edge, our experts here at Igloo have checked...

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Posted by Igloo | 03 February 2022 | PPC
How Do PPC Ads Make Money?

Pay-per-click advertising has proven to be one of the most efficient and cost-effective internet marketing techniques over time. PPC advertising helps businesses to control their ad expenses and get their products in front of the right people at the right place and time. In this article, we explore some of the ways that PPC allows...

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most important seo factors
Posted by Igloo | 01 February 2022 | SEO
Most Important SEO Factors to Get Results in 2022

No matter how difficult it can be at times to keep up with ever-changing search engine algorithms, they’re still the best source of organic traffic. Organic traffic in turn is the ticket to new leads and paying customers—which means you either have to keep up, or get left behind. As we enter the year 2022,...

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Posted by Igloo | 27 January 2022 | Digital Marketing, Insights, Lead Generation, PPC, SEO, Social Media
Video – Listening To The Wrong Marketing Advice?

https://youtu.be/bB7XeJQlA9o Investing in SEO at the start could take you out of business.Drive users to your website first with paid marketing so you can learn, optimize, and generate revenues. Next invest in SEO.It could be the case where you first invest in SEO if you know you can win because your competitors don’t know how...

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Posted by Igloo | 19 January 2022 | Digital Marketing, Insights, Lead Generation, Marketing Automation
Video – Are You Losing Revenue Because Of This?

https://youtu.be/8NxUlLMqQ9A Are you focusing on decreasing your CPA, or growing your revenues?Focusing on decreasing the CPA isn’t always the right thing to do, as it limits you to grow your business!If you need help with digital marketing, contact us now on www.weareigloo.com.Igloo is an award winning digital marketing agency that helped over 100 clients to date,...

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automated reports
Posted by Igloo | 13 January 2022 | Digital Marketing, Insights, Lead Generation, Marketing Automation
Video – Are You Using Marketing Automated Reports?

https://youtu.be/NmsvLGK3faY Are you analyzing your digital marketing efforts manually or using automated reports?If you’re not using automated reports, then it’s time you do, so you take immediate action, and improve your bottom line.If you need help with digital marketing, contact us now www.weareigloo.comIgloo is an award winning digital marketing agency that helped over 100 clients...

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branding strategy
Posted by Igloo | 27 December 2021 | Branding, Uncategorized, Uncategorized
Types of Branding Strategies and How to Use Them

Your brand is a reflection of who you are as a company, and employing a sound branding strategy may help you expand beyond your core market. Branding your company online will help you connect with potential clients in the digital platforms where they spend their time. Consumers will usually remember a well-thought-of brand. Thus, with...

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resposive web design
Posted by Igloo | 23 December 2021 | Web Design
What is Responsive Web Design?

Nowadays, a good-looking desktop website is not enough to launch your brand into a success. If you don’t satisfy every screen on the marketing spectrum, you may as well bid your business goals adieu. Fortunately, solutions like responsive web design exist to appease desktop and mobile users.  Remember, mobile use makes up over 50% of...

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social media platform
Posted by Igloo | 22 December 2021 | Social Media
Which Social Media Platforms are Best for Your Marketing Strategy?

Social media marketing doesn’t just apply to “younger” businesses in today’s digital landscape—it’s necessary across the board. Its relevance is undeniable—88% of marketers claim that their social media marketing strategies are responsible for most of their exposure and visibility. While social media involves a labyrinth of learning curves, mastering it for your business is not...

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pay per click
Posted by Igloo | 21 December 2021 |
Pay-per-click Advertising in 2022

Over the past decade, pay-per-click (PPC) advertising has been a reliable method for winning the game of digital marketing. However, nothing is constant in the field of digital marketing. Like any other industry, strategies change with each new development. PPC is no exception. With every business still recovering from what has almost been a two-year...

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