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Video – Want to get business from LinkedIn?

Many of us spend time on LinkedIn just liking posts, and sometimes commenting? If you want to get business from LinkedIn, follow these 3 top secrets: First, share added value content so others learn about you and your expertise. Second, use sales navigator to reach out to potential clients. Remember to add value to them… Read more

Video – The POWER of Marketing Automation

Video Transcript: The POWER of Marketing Automation Many medium size businesses I talk to in the B2B and B2C spaces don’t automate their marketing. And that is WRONG! As a business, you can automate many of your marketing activities to grow your revenues, and you can do that for a fraction of your marketing budget…. Read more

Video – How to INVEST your Marketing Budget?

Video Transcript: Many medium size businesses I talk have no idea what’s the best marketing channel for them? Why is that? it’s because they don’t fully track their customer journey and their campaigns aren’t optimised. What I mean by that is, when a business doesn’t have a good set up structure between their marketing channels,… Read more

UAE LOCAL SEO: The Complete Guide

The Complete Guide to Local SEO in the UAE This ebook will cover local SEO in the UAE in detail. We’ll show you: How to build NAP citations in the UAE How to rank in Google Map Pack in the UAE How to optimize your Google My Business profile for the UAE How to use… Read more

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