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6 Reasons Why the Top Digital Agencies in Dubai Focus on Performance Marketing

If you’ve never heard the term performance marketing before, then you’re missing out on a valuable perspective on digital marketing. The top digital agencies in Dubai (and around the world) have shifted their focus to performance marketing for a wide variety of reasons. Performance marketing is a broad term with a very unique definition: it… Read more

The 7 Habits of Top Digital Marketing Service Companies in Dubai

The late-great American luminary, Will Durant, once quoted, “We are what we repeatedly do; excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.” That writers often (lazily) attribute this quote to Aristotle is beside the point. Excellence is built through habit, and, in this article, we’ll discuss important habits digital marketing service companies need to… Read more

4 Tools of The Best Digital Marketing Companies in Dubai

Marketing technology (or Martec for short) has been booming for the last two decades. A 2019 article in the Chief Marketing Technologist Blog estimates that there are now 7,040 marketing technology solutions globally, not counting the tens of thousands of plugins, add-ins, APIs, and localized tools. For the best digital marketing companies in Dubai, using… Read more

7 Essential Google Adwords Practices Every Marketer Should Know

$32.6 billion was spent by businesses on Google Adwords in the last quarter of 2018 alone. Let that number sink in for a minute. Amazon is currently the biggest spender, having paid $30.9 million in the last year for Google Adwords. When you look at the ROI, it all starts to make sense. Businesses make… Read more

Social Media Marketing in 2019: The Top Trends to Watch For

The best laid plans leave plenty of room for changes, and a social media marketing playbook is no exception. In the fifteen years since Facebook was founded, it’s become clear that nothing about the platform or the habits of its users is set in stone. Last year’s social media marketing landscape saw the importance of… Read more

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