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Top Digital Marketing Events in Dubai

In the 21st century, businesses simply cannot ignore the importance of digital marketing. With the internet being more accessible than ever and with the number of users increasing by the day, businesses need an online presence. However, a simple website is not going to be enough to gain the attention of the internet savvy consumer…. Read more

The Social Media market in the UAE

Over the past decade, the rise of Social Media has completely revolutionized the way people communicate and use the internet. Throughout the world, people are using Social Media to reconnect with old friends, promote events, and launch and run businesses, amongst many other uses. There can be great variations on how Social Media is used… Read more

Top 10 Local Listing Directories for Business in Dubai

Is Your Business Listed? Dubai is one of the world’s top business centres, with thousands of companies struggling for clients across the UAE and beyond. With such stiff competition, a business’s visibility is of paramount importance to attract customers. In the digital age, it is a company or a brand’s online visibility that really matters,… Read more

HTTPS for SEO, Google Warning is Coming in October 2018

Google Issues Final Deadline for HTTPS In August of last year, Google announced that starting in October of 2017 with the release of Chrome Version 62, if a website has not been converted to HTTPS, Chrome would show a ‘Not Secure’ warning. This meant that when an internet user attempts to enter text in a… Read more

What are the Best Web Events in Dubai?

The web, tech, and design industries are currently thriving throughout the world. Exciting new innovations are being developed on a regular basis, and it is vital that companies and industry leaders need to keep abreast of the latest discoveries. With web and web-related industries becoming larger and more widespread than ever before, organisations across the… Read more

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