resposive web design
Posted by | December 23, 2021
What is Responsive Web Design?

Nowadays, a good-looking desktop website is not enough to launch your brand into a success. If you don’t satisfy every screen on the marketing spectrum, you may as well bid...

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social media platform
Posted by | December 22, 2021
Which Social Media Platforms are Best for Your Marketing Strategy?

Social media marketing doesn’t just apply to “younger” businesses in today’s digital landscape—it’s necessary across the board. Its relevance is undeniable—88% of marketers claim that their social media marketing strategies...

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pay per click
Posted by | December 21, 2021
Pay-per-click Advertising in 2022

Over the past decade, pay-per-click (PPC) advertising has been a reliable method for winning the game of digital marketing. However, nothing is constant in the field of digital marketing. Like...

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keyword research
Posted by | December 20, 2021
7 Surefire Tips on Choosing the Right Keywords

It takes time and effort to write articles for your website. It becomes even more tedious when you think of all the keyword research you have to do to create...

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brand awareness
Posted by | December 15, 2021
Best Ways to Boost Brand Awareness on Social Media

Thanks to pandemic restrictions, many brick-and-mortar businesses are leveraging social media to boost brand awareness. In fact, 97% of Fortune 500 companies rely on platforms like Instagram and Facebook to...

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web analytics
Posted by | December 10, 2021
Top 10 Benefits of Web Analytics

Web analytics is not just a set of numbers that sit on your back burner waiting to spike. Of the marketers who utilize this powerful tool, 63% claim improved business...

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team in the office
Posted by | December 8, 2021
How to Prepare Your Social Media Strategy for 2022

As the recent pandemic encourages more brands to take their businesses online, innovative and dynamic social media strategies are a must in 2022. On top of that, social trends and...

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Posted by | December 6, 2021
Paid Search Advertising: What’s In It for You?

If you're reading this, you've probably already heard about PPC. At the very least, you've most likely seen a PPC ad, given how prevalent these are. For some, pay-per-click (PPC)...

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Posted by | November 19, 2021
How to Build an SEO Strategy for a Dubai Business

SEO has gained popularity as a reliable and sustainable marketing strategy. The acronym stands for Search Engine Optimization and, simply put, it is a marketing approach that improves a website’s...

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branded content
Posted by | November 15, 2021
Why Your Business Should Invest in Branded Content

Amidst a digital marketplace where businesses are constantly trying to stand out above the rest, branded content can provide the much-needed visibility boost you need. With about 74.5% of marketers...

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