8 Tricks to improve your AdWords click-through-rate

Is your AdWords CTR causing sleepless nights?

Achieving a high click-through rate is crucial to your PPC success because it directly affects both your Quality Score and the cost per click, each time someone finds your ad. Here is all you need to know to improve your CTR like a Pro!

    1. Start by Writing a Persuasive Ad Copy

Think about your industry and then your businesses. Identify the unique selling points and experiment by split testing at least two adverts in every ad group. Unless you take the time to write engaging and crafty adverts your campaign performance will be average at best. Take a look at each of your top competitors’ ads and identify tricks and ideas. This will give you an edge over them.

    1. Put a Special Offer in Your Headline

Why does this work? Everyone loves discounts and the word “free” never fails to get the attention. It is also proven that numbers in headlines usually tend to perform well, perhaps because it makes the ad stand out.

    1. Title Case and symbols

Make your ad copy appear more prominently by using title case. Using exclamation marks, @ symbols, currency symbols and such characters can draw attention to your adverts and encourage clicks. But ensure to stay well within Google’s advertising guidelines.

    1. Use the Target Keywords in Your Ad Copy

Make sure you draft your ad content by smoothly inserting your target keyword in the headline, within the ad description and again in the display URL. This step may seem obvious, but if your adverts don’t include the keywords you are bidding on then your CTRs will be poor and you will potentially be paying more than you need to. Using keyword insertion technique also plays an important role to ensure that the audience sees a close relation to his search term and your ad copy.

    1. Add Call to Actions

There are several ways to use a call to action in your ad. Go ahead now, and pick up one that suits your business requirements.

Experiment with call-to-action words combined with attractive offers and promotions (for example: Save 50% when you Order now!)

One of the most effective ways to use a call-to-action is to associate it to some urgency (for example, Order Now! Offer Ending today. Or …Buy Now. Offer valid till stocks last!
You can include call-to-action words along with targeted keywords (for example: Buy Baby Clothes on Sale Today!).

    1. Use available ad extensions optimally

Why not take full advantage of these? Ad Extensions boosts your ad prominence and increases its potential of getting more clicks. Your ads begin to look more appealing, at a much lower cost and at a decent position on the page. Extensions you can experiment with are Sitelinks, Callouts, structured snippets, call, message, location, affiliate, price, App, Review and automated extensions.

    1. Set up themed Keyword Ad Groups

Google encourages advertiser to add multiple keywords to your account and into your ad groups. The challenge is to create a relationship between the ad copy and keywords in each ad group. If a person searches for a keyword from that ad group and the advert that fails to contain the keyword they are searching for, the click-through rates and quality scores of your keywords are adversely affected. To battle this, Google recommends to have tightly grouped themes or keywords and make sure that the ad content contains the keywords at least once.

    1. Review and improve your bids

Make sure that you regularly review your bid prices to ensure that you are firstly bidding enough to appear on page one of the Google search engine results page. If possible, bid just right to get your ad to appear high enough to get a decent click-through rate. Ensure you are obtaining an affordable cost per conversion. If you bid too low on your keywords, your CTR will drop!

Try Bid Adjustments smartly. Identify time of day and even days of the week when people are more likely to convert. Bid higher on specific geographic locations that have more potential and so on.
Experiment with your bid positions and increase your bids carefully, especially for keywords that have a higher probability of converting. Reckless bidding could just drain your budget and lead to very high costs per conversion.

By Bassem Saber Digital Marketing Expert 
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