8 Great Tactics to Improve your Email Blasts in 2017

Email marketing is an excellent way to promote content and products, and for a long time, ‘Email blasts’ were considered an acceptable form of email marketing. An ’email blast’ or ‘e-blast’ is simply the practice of sending one email to thousands of recipients, often unsolicited. The practice is now widely shunned, and because of its poor execution, ’email blast’ is synonymous with spam!

There are much better ways email marketers can employ, to deliver emails without annoying current or potential customers. Getting the basics right and developing a structured email campaign is essential to engage customers. Here are some tips to improve email marketing.

    1. Operate email marketing from a permission-based platform

Send emails to only those who signed up for emails. Do not attempt using your purchased list to blast emails. Blasting emails without the recipients’ permission is an unethical practice. They could flag you as spam which could be disastrous for your brand and business.

    1. Segment your lists and personalize with dynamic content.

Segment your users based on age, gender, region, preferences, and interest. Segmented lists can help you customize and deliver targeted communication with a personalized touch. Make sure to send email content based on the group’s collective interest. Individualize emails by including the recipient’s name.

You can also use email marketing tools to capture events like – product added to wish list, product added to cart, product pages viewed by a particular user, the price of the product, etc. Insert these event attributes into your email. Doing this will increase the relevance of the email.

    1. Have a clear purpose for the blast and A/B test your content

First, analyze what you are trying to accomplish with your email blast. Then, write the email and personalize the tone based on the context of the email. E.g., If you specialize in kid’s product, the tone will be friendly and more animated. However, if you specialize in security products, the tone will be serious, emphasizing on safety.

Write a compelling subject line and have a clear message and design. The content should be focused and goal oriented. Crafting an enticing call to action is a critical part of these emails. A/B test your subject line, copy, design, and CTA till your happy with the final results.

    1. Ensure that your email meets spam guidelines

Make sure that you abide by the CAN-SPAM Act so that your emails aren’t considered spam. For starters, there should be a distinct link to unsubscribe to the emails. Another rule states that recipient should know your business location, so include a valid postal address and email address where they can get in touch or point their concerns.

    1. Use social proofs to strengthen your campaign

Review and rating based website often fair better as majority customers look at product review or testimonials or other social proof before making a purchase or converting to a potential lead. By subtly using social proofs in your campaigns, you can go a long way.

    1. Add social media links to your emails

Include links to your Facebook, Twitter and other social media channels. Encouraging recipients to follow you on social media has proven to be very beneficial. It helps customers stay connected to your company and brand, even if they eventually decide to unsubscribe from your mailing list.

    1. Include your professional email signature

A well designed professional email signature adds credibility to your business. Include the sender’s name, title, business name, business logo, phone number, website address, postal address and social media links. You can also add a link to a downloadable vCard, so people can easily save your business information to their address book.

    1. Do not call your email campaign an email blast

“Email blast” is not a very enticing term. Though not many marketers in recent times use the word “e-blast” or “email blast”, a few continue to do so. The word ‘blast,’ sounds like exploding or flooding one’s inbox with emails – and so is likely to scare customers from signing up for any updates from you. Instead, consider calling your email campaign “weekly specials” or “newsletter.” Use your newsletter to strengthen your relationship with the customer and show them how your campaign can have a positive impact on them.

By Bassem Saber Digital Marketing Expert
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