7 Misconceptions about Content Marketing

Content marketing makes up for such an essential part of digital marketing in Dubai’s business arena. Thanks to content marketing, companies have been able to raise brand awareness, increase leads, and elevate their status as an industry leader.

Despite these benefits and acceptance, there are still misconceptions about content marketing that need to be debunked immediately:

    1. People don’t read anymore

Wrong! People still read. They just don’t read irrelevant content anymore. Quality content that is valuable, informative, solves a problem, and is not overtly promotional will get read by your audience.

    1. It’s too expensive

While there are costs involved with content marketing, like hiring writers, graphic designers and paying for ads on Facebook or Twitter, it’s more affordable than traditional advertising, especially if you practice what is called repurposing content.

What starts out as a blog post can then be repurposed into a YouTube video. In other words, you’re killing two birds with one stone.

    1. It’s free

At the same time, content marketing isn’t going to get you in front of a large audience for absolutely nothing. While the idea is to let your content grow organically through social shares guest posts, or getting a shout out, sometimes your amazing piece of content needs a little push. That’s when you have to spend a few dollars to give it a boost on social media.

    1. My audience won’t buy into content marketing

Consumers don’t want to read a sales pitch. They want to interact with brands and form long-lasting relationships.  Surveys have reported that majority of millennials, when they see or read about a brand through websites or on social media they feel a connection and loyalty with that company. Additionally, a third of them are willing to buy a product if the brand’s content sounds authentic and truthful.

No matter your specific audience, it’s clear that they are willing to consume your content as long as you care more about cultivating relationships than making a sales pitch.

    1. Results show up faster

Content marketing is a process of trial and error that takes a lot of time. Everything from conducting research to actually creating content and to analyzing its results could take months. You may have just published the greatest article ever written, but it doesn’t mean that it’s going to take the world by storm overnight.

    1. I can’t prove the ROI of content marketing

Content marketing should be based around your goals and objectives. If you want to increase traffic you can track that by seeing how many visitors originated from Facebook or Twitter. If you want to know how many leads you generated you can look at how many copies of your eBook were downloaded.

If you set these goals in the first place, it is possible to prove the ROI of your content marketing campaign.

    1. Content once published, can’t be published elsewhere

Scour the internet long enough and you’ll notice that maybe your favourite article or writer have been republished on several other websites. If you want to tap into a large audience, then go ahead and republish your amazing content. LinkedIn is a great place to start, before moving on to larger platforms that accept syndicated content like Huffington Post and Business2Community.

Give your audience authentic content

It takes a team of experts to profitably execute content and online marketing in Dubai. Igloo is a digital marketing company in Dubai, passionate about creating valuable content that serves your audience and in turn, serves you.

If you think your business is ready to take its marketing to the next level, get in touch with us today!

By Carla Castillo Managing Partner

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