7 Benefits of Email Marketing

No matter what you’ve heard, email marketing is still a strategy that remains relevant in the modern business landscape. 

Sure, social media is powerful considering it’s where millennials seem to have proven most present. Still, email users tower over those on Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook with over 3.7 billion users on Yahoo, Gmail, and other servers. Of the 72% of people who still prefer to receive brand content via email, most check theirs at least once a day. 

To help your business reach consumers in a more direct and engaging way, consider these 7 benefits of incorporating email into your campaigns.

1. Email Marketing is Affordable

An attractive aspect of email marketing is its cost-effectiveness. Where traditional marketing requires production or ad fees, the majority of your funds in email marketing will likely go into developing actual content. Execution will demand low-to-no operational costs. Many automation tools that schedule or trigger messages are often affordable—if not free.

Email campaigns will almost indisputably make you money, and that return on investment is often immense. On average, you can spend a single dollar and expect a return of $32.

2. Email Marketing is Easy to Track and Share

Because of its measurability, email marketing is a strategy that’s easy to optimize. Tracking exactly how many people are opening, reading, and clicking through your emails can indicate whether your tactics are effective or need some tweaking. 

Higher numbers mean consumers know and trust your brand enough to want to hear from you. We already know that email is still a preferred method of communication, and welcome emails have an average open rate of 82%. It’s a promising figure, and an even greater motivator to align with your stats to determine campaign strengths and weaknesses.  

Satisfied customers will likely forward brilliant deals and offers to friends and family—your potential consumers. Unlike other types of marketing that involve perhaps a physical purchase or sign-up, email is shareable in the simple click of a button.

3. Email Marketing Increases Brand Awareness

Establishing a unique and recognizable brand identity is a universal marketing goal. Take a brand such as Apple, known for its sleek and modern branding. Whether it’s in an email, a social post, or a video, we can recognize Apple branding in an instant. 

Email marketing gives your brand the advantage of maintaining a direct line with your subscribers, in order to develop a distinctive voice and style—similar to how Apple has. 

Personalization is a good place to start, so be sure to apply segmentation techniques. Demographic data like age, gender, or a lead’s industry can indicate a lot about what a particular person needs or desires. Similarly, you can segment according to engagement, and develop specialized campaigns for users who are either more active or inactive. Delivering targeted content to users in this way creates a better sense of relevance and value.

4. Email Marketing Builds Credibility

The key to credibility is consistency. Incorporating a business strategy that is constant and dependable makes not only for visibility, but reliability. For example, a consumer looking to invest in a good running shoe might consider a brand such as Nike over a more affordable, smaller label. This is because Nike has achieved household-name status and authority in its market space, earning it the trust of millions thanks to effective marketing. A good product is one thing—telling a good story is another. 

To achieve credibility via email is simple—provide valuable and informative content to your readers on a regular basis. You can execute a monthly email newsletter, providing accurate information that readers find helpful.

5. Email Marketing Reaches a Global Audience

Scaling up overnight is a dream for any starting business. While it’s rare for a business to scale in a short amount of time, drastic increases in reach and virality are possible with email marketing. With 281 billion emails exchanged in 2018 alone, email has long proven its ability to reach massive audiences in a short amount of time. 

Trying to reach out to a mobile audience? Not a problem. There is a likely chance most of your potential audience owns a smartphone; just last year, 49% of all emails were opened on mobile. Optimizing your emails for mobile is just about as easy as seeing results. 

No matter the device, you can send bulk emails to thousands of recipients at once and communicate in real-time to encourage repeat business. 

In fact, sometimes all your business needs to avoid the dreaded abandoned cart is a gentle push. An average of just 3 abandoned cart emails results in 69% more orders than sending out a single message. Engagement may well start you on the journey—reenagement gets you to the destination.

6. Email Marketing is Versatile

Novel-length emails aren’t the way to go, and chunky paragraphs can be daunting to readers who’d rather enjoy bite-sized material. Still, the lack of a character limit when writing an email is an opportunity to create standout content and provide useful facts and figures. 

Historically, many customers will research a product or service before investing in it—why not eliminate this step by providing the information in your email campaign? Links, how-to videos, or e-brochures are a great way to educate your consumers and position your brand as helpful and authoritative.

7. Email Marketing Drives More Conversions

Because of its immediacy, email is a great way to drive revenue and conversions. Your business, for example, can easily create a sense of urgency with something like a 24-hour sale.

You can set up a campaign in just under an hour and, almost in an instant, take advantage of impulse internet buying. There are few channels that allow consumers to witness an enticing offer and purchasing a product within two clicks of a button.

In fact, sometimes all your business needs to avoid the dreaded abandoned cart is a gentle push. An average of just 3 abandoned cart emails results in 69% more orders than sending out a single message. Engagement may well start you on the journey—reenagement gets you to the destination.

Email is just as easy to integrate into other marketing platforms, and with a tempting call-to-action, your business should be just about ready to drive sales. 


On the whole, an email marketing campaign is for anyone, no matter your size or level of experience. Creating a stunning and effective campaign is incredibly cost-effective and hardly time-consuming. Indeed, it’s a surefire way to improve reach, grow a consumer base, and build a strong business reputation.

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