6 Reasons Why the Top Digital Agencies in Dubai Focus on Performance Marketing

If you’ve never heard the term performance marketing before, then you’re missing out on a valuable perspective on digital marketing. The top digital agencies in Dubai (and around the world) have shifted their focus to performance marketing for a wide variety of reasons.

Performance marketing is a broad term with a very unique definition: it refers to any advertising activity where marketing agencies are paid once a certain action has been taken by a lead. While spending is usually based on the complexity of a campaign or a piece of content, performance marketing charges per click, per captured lead, or per conversion (to name a few).

We’ll be outlining the benefits of performance marketing in this article to find the best digital agencies in Dubai for your needs.

1. The top digital agencies in Dubai aim for precision.

Precision is key to performance marketing. Since every click or conversion leads to an uptick in cost, marketers are forced to adapt to be as accurate as possible when targeting only the most qualified leads.

A handful of today’s best techniques were developed to meet the needs of precision marketing. For instance, you’ll find the best digital agencies in Dubai tracking their site visitors’ behaviors, and remarketing aggressively to get the most value out of each ad click.

When you invest in an agency that specializes in performance marketing, you should expect to see higher conversions in your ad campaigns.

2. The top digital agencies in Dubai want to provide high quality at low cost.

A happy consequence of shifting focus on performance marketing is cost-efficiency. Since profitability is the end goal of any performance marketer, there’s an urgent need to make sure that cost-per-action campaigns demand the lowest cost for the highest volume and quality of results.

For many of today’s performance marketing platforms (think Google or Facebook Ads), minimizing that cost-per-action depends on creating quality ads and landing pages. It stands to reason, then, that the best digital agencies in Dubai create stellar ads and landing pages that capture attention and keep budgets very manageable all at once.

3. The top digital agencies in Dubai aspire for a data-driven approach.

Top Digital Agencies in Dubai

Analytics and reporting are central to performance marketing, which means that the best digital agencies in Dubai can give you a crystal clear idea of your ads’ health and progress in real time.

Tracking audience data gets very meticulous, with marketers striving to determine a range of factors such as:

  1. Where their leads are coming from,
  2. Which ads their leads best respond to and why,
  3. What actions their leads take after clicking through an ad,
  4. How long it takes a captured lead to convert, and
  5. How frequently their converted leads make more purchases.

They do all of this to create and refine the best strategies for paid advertising on the digital sphere —leading to higher returns and smarter insights you can apply to other areas of your brand’s marketing.

4. The top digital agencies in Dubai chase leads across all channels.

Today’s version of omnichannel marketing allows for performance marketing to be done on nearly every platform that matters. Whether it’s social media marketing, web design, production of marketing collaterals, or even email marketing, the best digital agencies in Dubai are there to set up a presence for your brand.

If it wasn’t impressive enough that an agency can keep tabs on a variety of channels, you’d be further impressed by the fact that the top digital agencies in Dubai can manage each of these channels’ unique demands. Designing a Facebook ad takes a very different set of creative and technical skills from running a successful PPC campaign on Google Ads, for instance.

In short, this means that partnering with the best digital agencies in Dubai can lead to success in marketing across a wider range of channels than you might think.

Top Digital Agencies in Dubai

5. The top digital agencies in Dubai keep a close eye on your competitors.

All advertising is competitive. A brand might compete to be a consumer’s top option, or they might compete against anonymity to carve a space for themselves in an untapped market —whatever the case, the best digital agencies in Dubai help you keep a fine competitive edge through performance marketing.

Most digital marketing platforms (ex. Google Ads, Facebook Business Manager, etc.) provide figures on how much competition the best digital agencies in Dubai can expect when running their ads. From here, an agency that focuses on performance marketing knows which of their keywords or audiences need the most attention and deliver the most value.

The bottom line to this is obvious: when partnering with a performance marketing-focused agency, you can expect to take steps to outsmart your competitors.

6. The top digital agencies in Dubai seek to build brilliant websites.

The last item on our list involves a cornerstone of any digital marketing plan: your website. Website design ties into many aspects of your activity online; your Google ads redirect to your domain, your site hosts content for sharing on social, and naturally, the site itself is a gold mine for conversions.

The best digital agencies in Dubai recognize the importance of building a quality website and invest heavily in perfecting yours. They build user experiences that inform, intrigue and convince through seamless funnels, and they weave both SEO and analytics into the very fabric of your site, using tools like Google Tag Manager and Facebook Pixel to track every important detail.

When choosing a digital agency that focuses on performance marketing, you can expect to see your website become a diamond in the rough —an outstanding example in a saturated market.


The best digital agencies in Dubai focus on performance marketing because the discipline yields the best results. It demands a well-rounded skill set and a keen understanding of the forces that drive sales across different industries.

If you want to learn more about what a performance marketing agency has to offer, or if you’re curious to know how your business can benefit from performance marketing, simply contact Igloo and to get in touch with a trained specialist.


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