6 Reasons Why E-Newsletters Are Still Relevant

One of the top tools of online marketing in Dubai, is the electronic newsletter. While it may seem dated for some, for us its simple- it truly is a cost-effective medium for building relationships and maintaining regular contact with customers.  We use our company newsletter as a tool to educate and persuade our clients and prospective clients to work and grow with us.

Here are some reasons why we recommend it:

    1. It’s personal

A newsletter is a beneficial marketing tool as it helps create a trustworthy relationship between your business and your clients. Every new edition of your newsletter increases this trust. So the next time a customer is thinking of your services, or contemplating among different competitors in your market, this trust will help your newsletter readers to choose your product or service over your competition.

    1. It improves the reputation of your business

By giving your readers content that is both informative and entertaining through quality newsletter writing, your business will come off as knowledgeable and considerate. Your customers will appreciate you for your keenness to share relevant and interesting industry information with them.

    1. It showcases your expertise

Newsletters content will inevitably contain interesting informative pieces on relevant industry topics. Through clever newsletter writing you can show off your business’ expertise. The inclusion of informative newsletter content will subtly imprint your knowledge and hence your dependability into the minds of your clients.

    1. It increases website traffic

Well crafted newsletter content will exclude sales pitches. However the crafty newsletter writing will carefully weave in special promotions, coupons etc. that will give the readers reasons to visiting your website. Put your website’s address on every newsletter (make it a part of the template), regardless of any promotions etc. to ensure the readers have a clear road to your website.

    1. It increases referrals

The amazing internet has made things so simple! With just a ‘Share with a friend’ button on every E-Newsletter that you send out, a lot of new readers will be reading your newsletters thanks to the current ones!

    1. It provides brand exposure

The objective of every advertising campaign is to get the maximum business/brand exposure. Newsletters have the inherent quality to boost business exposure without the risks of aggressive marketing. If the newsletter content has its fair share of interesting information in the industry, your business will naturally get a lot of exposure as readers look forward to the newsletters.

Have you checked out Igloo’s newsletters?

Newsletters are an entertaining, informative and insightful way to connect with your clients with the ultimate purpose of generating sales.

At Igloo we know the potential of email marketing in Dubai. As your friendly digital marketing agency in Dubai, we provide newsletter content that is well crafted in order to achieve that purpose.

If you are looking for a leading digital marketing agency in Dubai, get in touch at Igloo.

By Bassem Saber Digital Marketing Expert


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