6 Qualities To Being A Great Market Influencer

“People don’t buy products, they buy better versions of themselves.”

In order to stand out in today’s business world, people need to be sold on YOU before they can be sold on whatever it is you’re selling. With advertising in Dubai, if you aren’t who they want to be, they will not care about what you have to offer.

This influence has the power to connect you with the high level performers most people could only hope of meeting. It gives you more authority in your field and awareness of your product or service.

So, what makes someone influential? What makes someone a leader in their field?  Let’s take a look at seven qualities when mastered correctly, can make you a massive influencer in your market:

    1. Be Trustworthy

Surely one can agree, that some the best relationships in life are based on a strong foundation of trust. While it is a value you may consider crucial to your personal relationships, it is in fact just as important in the world of business. When trust is built, you and your followers can have a strong, lasting relationship. How do you build trust? Give people what they want. Figure out what those people in your market are looking for in a leader and, don’t just say you’ll do those things, show proof through content and testimonials, that you are those things.

    1. Showcase your Individuality

With so many people out there trying to make names for themselves, how do you stand out? Get crystal clear on your purpose. So clear that when anyone comes across your content, they are able to quickly and clearly understand what it is you’re doing, why you’re doing it, why you’re the best at it and how it will improve their life.

    1. Offer Value

At the end of the day, what really keeps a customer with a brand is the brand’s value addition. What can you offer that can change or improve someone’s life? You create value by moving someone away from fear and into new possibilities. Create your unique value and your social currency will rise.

    1. Build a Community

The desire to belong to a tribe or a larger group is intrinsic to human nature.  So take a deeper look into digital marketing in Dubai and start building a community here. Let your audience know that they are part of your movement. Give them something to look forward to every now and then and provide a clear understanding of the role they play in accomplishing your goal. This sense of camaraderie will bring you loyal followers from all across the globe.

    1. Collaborate with Peers

You know what can help amplify your growing reputation? Knowing other thought leaders who have been in the game for longer. Reach out to those in your niche with bigger, or just different, followings and try to collaborate with them. This will bring awareness of you to fresh eyes through an authority figure they know and trust.

    1. Stay Connected

To stay in the good heart’s of people nowadays, you must be able to connect on a personal level. This mean keeping them updated with all of the new and exciting things you’re doing and most importantly, you must engage with them. Reply to every comment, shout out your biggest followers, and even do live meet ups when you can! Take it to the next level by creating projects that would require them to collaborate.

If you’re ready to jump into influencer and online marketing in Dubai and make a difference through your personal brand, start taking advantage of these seven qualities!

By Bassem Saber Digital Marketing Expert 
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