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6 Design Tips to Improve Your Landing Page

So you’ve designed a beautiful website that’s already been launched, but you don’t see the money coming in. Even if you are getting visitors, there is no guarantee that you will make any money. There seems to be a disconnect between whatever ad or link they clicked on and the page they land on.

There could be a number of things wrong with the landing page: the design, content, message or even page load speed.

Here are some tips for improving the landing page:

    1. Think like the user

This should always be your first step in anything related to internet marketing and web design. As a coder or designer, you should have the end-user in the back of your mind. When working on the landing page, ask questions such as “Who is my audience?” and “What is the best way to communicate my message?” What would YOU expect to find on your page if you were a visitor? What would turn you away from the page?

    1. Keep the language simple

Once again, it’s all about placing yourself in the shoes of the visitors who you expect to visit your landing page. With that in mind, never underestimate the importance of written content on the web. The key is to keep your language simple. If people want to read essays written in formal language, they would visit an .edu site. Otherwise, they would prefer to read content written in a conversational tone.

    1. Provide security and assurance

With so many spam websites and ads found online, it’s hard to find a legitimate offer. Your landing page should consist of information that can give visitors assurance that you are a legitimate source. This can be done by including a phone number, physical address (even a map), email, and other contact details. You can also add a few reviews of the products or services you are offering.

    1. Professional design

If your site looks cheap, people will think that it is. There are many generic “free templates”” on the internet, but you want something more than generic. It’s best that you have a custom design that is created just for your company. If you can’t make it yourself, hire professional designers and programmers. You want people to get a good first impression when they end up on your landing page. This will not be possible if you just use the same free template as many, many others out there.

    1. Use the right visuals to go with the content

Humans respond to visual content “faster” than we can imagine. Go with a particular theme and make sure the images and logos you use are consistent with the message you are trying to convey. Every image, no matter how small, should have a purpose and match the rest of the page.

    1. Create the most powerful CTA possible

The call-to-action on a landing page should state the message in the most appealing way, both functionally and aesthetically speaking. Do plenty of testing with various colors, shapes, sizes, fonts, effects, etc. The CTA should be clear to see and understand. Give visitors a reason to take that action. What is in it for them?


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By Simon Saber Creative Director
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