5 Ways Snapchat Can Help Market Your Brand

Social media marketing in Dubai has become a huge source of traffic for modern companies, particularly those targeting the younger demographic. It’s rare to find a successful company these days that doesn’t engage on Facebook or Twitter.

But there is one platform that’s not currently being utilized by all marketers– Snapchat. It’s the social media app that enables users to send limited-viewing-time, self-destructing video and picture messages.

Snapchat’s one of the fastest growing social apps, now boasting more than 150 million daily active users  and serving up more than 10 billion video views per day, which is more than Facebook!

To convince you of its modern offerings, here are 5 ways you can market your company through Snapchat:

    1. Showcase Something Unique

On Snapchat you can only create content up to 10-seconds in length, a fairly limiting canvas to work with for brands.

The key to maximizing this apart from using Snapchat’s Stories platform to string-together a series of Snaps into a longer narrative, is to ensure you’re offering incentives to motivate your audience to seek out and open your Snaps.

Some options for this could be behind-the-scenes info, a quick tour of an important part of the business, a shout-out from someone or even just pictures of fun things related to your business that the public wouldn’t get to see otherwise.

You don’t have a lot time to work with, so you need to ensure your content is snappy, engaging and provides something users can’t get anywhere else.

    1. Share a Story

As noted in the first point, by using Snapchat’s ‘Stories’ feature, companies can engage users for longer than 10-seconds at a time on the app, and showcase their content over a 24 hour period.

This could be a summary of events from the day or a continuous story/ad (made up of 10-second clips).

‘Stories’ has become a great way to engage and interest users. Celebrity Snapchatters provide some great examples of how successful this can be, with millions following stars like Ed Sheeran, Ariana Grande and Kylie Jenner on their daily adventures!

    1. Teasers

What the 10 second window of opportunity is perfect for- is teasers!

These could show behind-the-scenes footage like for example, allowing people to view unseen/exclusive content, or unveiling a new product. Short snippets like this are a perfect option for buzz marketing, with the potential to create a viral storm through sharing and word-of-mouth.

Keep in mind that many users use Snapchat for its high entertainment factor, so keep content funny, quirky and surprising to hold your audience’s attention with your Snaps. Snapchat itself actually makes this easier, providing tools to include captions and even draw on your images in different colours! 

    1. Offers & Promotions

Companies can use their stories to promote and send offers/discount codes to their customers. Their customers can then screenshot the image to use online or in-store.

    1. Freebies & Giveaways

When you’re first launching your Snapchat presence, you need to get people to add you on the app.

One way to do this is to give away tickets to an event. For example, advertise the giveaway on your site and other social media, informing anyone who wants to enter to add your business on their Snapchat and send you a Snap. You can also ask entrants to send the information on to friends to gain additional entries. This helps you gain new Snapchat connections while also spreading the word about your business to new users.

Now is the time to work on your social media in Dubai and Snapchat could be the way forward, especially if you’re targeting young Millennials.

Hopefully these tips can help your strategize your social media marketing in Dubai better and flourish in 2017!

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By Carla Castillo Managing Partner at Igloo


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