5 tips to create impressive content on LinkedIn

Sharing valuable and insightful content is the best way to spread your message for the least amount of money. Everyone wants to be at the top and centre of the latest trends and stories; sharing witty, insightful content is one of the easiest ways to attain expert status and more followers. So help them out! Give your LinkedIn contacts useful content they can share.While they share valuable content, you can build your LinkedIn network and attain expert status in your field.It’s a win-win situation.

The key of course is giving them shareable content that sparks interest.Here are 5 tips to help you create content that will garner the right kind of interest on LinkedIn:

    1. Hook ‘em with your title

Never underestimate the power of a good title.When readers are browsing through endless content, they will have many different titles to click on. If you want to corner the market on traffic, you’ve got to create intriguing, curiosity-creating titles. So how do you write a killer title?

Try using this formula: Number + Great Adjective + SEO Keyword + Promise (you’ll see it in this article’s title too!)

      • Numbers: Numbers promise concise, useful information that readers can use immediately
      • Enticing adjectives: Adjectives like Free, Incredible, Easy, Awesome always grab the attention of an audience
      • “Why” and “How”: Internet surfers are looking for information. These words lead them to useful information
      • Promise Something Valuable: Compel readers to click on your link
    1. Know your audience

Who is your content for? Who do you want spreading your message? Know your audience through and through- how old they are, their educational background, what kind of shoppers they are, etc. With this information you can tailor your articles precisely to them.

If they’re Gen X adults, you can throw in nostalgic references they can connect with. If they’re Millennials, talk to them like the digital breed that they are. Use their language, and talk about the things that interest them most. And then expand your customer base, reaching out to potential customers by appealing to their interests.

    1. Authenticity is your voice

The internet can be a confusing and vast place, so be a friend to your readers! LinkedIn is all about making connections, so while you may want to use a professional tone, don’t lose out on making those connections. Use a friendly, authentic voice that’ll bring in new friends and reinforce the old.
It’s important to remember that the people on the other side of the computer are just people like you. Talk to them.

    1. Take the risk, be original

You may hear this a lot, but that’s because it works. LinkedIn visitors see a lot of the same kind of content so if you want to stand out, you have to offer something different. Try moving away from the kind of articles you normally write. Instead of always talking about your products and services, maybe look for the human interest stories surrounding your company. Could you show how customers are using your products in different ways?

    1. Emotions first

Don’t you love a YouTube video or vine that makes you laugh or feel surprised? Humans have a need for expressing emotion, and they’ll appreciate a chance to feel and express emotion on a place like LinkedIn, where life can seem pretty serious at times. How can you do this? Share universal experiences with your readers like pre-interview anxiety or not knowing where to sit at a business lunch! You’ll be that friendly face in a crowded room, just the sort of mentor they need on LinkedIn.

Online marketing in Dubai is very much the same as offline marketing in real life, when it comes to standing out. Present yourself as an approachable, useful and reliable partner and not only will you garner the traction you’re looking for in social media in UAE, but retain it as well.

Have some more suggestions on how to write a good LinkedIn article? Tell us in the comments below!

By Bassem Saber Digital Marketing Expert

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