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5 logo trends we’re seeing in 2016

The art of logo design continues to be a relevant discipline in brand engagement. With technology changing the game for businesses everywhere, it challenges designers to stay up to date with consumer and digital trends, producing designs that speak clearly and effectively. The frequency of engagement is increasing and the quality has become more inclusive and personal.

In 2016, we see that designers stayed clear of complexity which means simplicity is once again king.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the trends that have caught our attention this year:

  1. Flat
  2. Using flat design for logos may not be new but it continues to be a popular trend. Reason being it not only fits the clean aesthetic that’s all the rage now, but it also registers well on any browsing device. Its simplicity allows these types of logos to scale well, making them compatible with numerous browsers and mobile devices.

    Thus, flat styles will continue to dominate as the entire world of web design witnesses an epic shift to responsive and mobile friendly design in order to improve compatibility with small screen devices. Big brands such as Microsoft, Windows and Netflix, all adopt flat logo design.

  3. Handmade
  4. While the digital era may be in full swing, many still love the appeal of hand-drawn fonts and logos. Semi-connected and connected script fonts, cute graphics and scribbled letters convey an effort to be intimate or personal with the audience.

    This trend has been slowly gaining ground, allowing brands to showcase their unique identity with an original execution o f their logo.

  5. Negative Space
  6. Negative space is a style that’s been around for ages and isn’t going anywhere in 2016. The concept behind it is using what’s typically unused white space and incorporating it into a logo as a subliminal message.

    The ability to communicate more to a consumer without adding extra elements is a challenge to both designers and the audience. That’s why negative space will continue to amaze and be used in logo design. Popular examples are the NBC and FedEx logos.

  7. Monolines
  8. Last year saw line art take shape thanks to designers still embracing flat design and it looks like it’s been carried over to logo design in 2016.

    Monoline logos are crafted from a single line that doesn’t change in thickness and appears like it’s fabricated from a single strand of wire. The monoline provides a stripped down, bare bones look while giving a nod to the popular iconography of the web.

  9. Stacked Text
  10. This visual style draws its appeal by stacking the text vertically in a way that may catch your eye much more effectively than plain horizontal text.

    Stacked text or letter stacking serves as a new and simple approach that challenges consumers to make sense out of a cluster of letters. It offers designers a creative solution to be able to present long text in visual bytes.

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By Simon Saber Creative Director
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