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5 Benefits Of Business Blogging

Many businesses still question the importance of having a blog as a part of their website. In order to cater to society’s growing appetite for relevant and refreshing content, having a business blog is key to establishing yourself as a credible brand. Moreover, when used correctly, it can be a crucial and profitable arm of your content creation services in Dubai.

It proves to be a cheap marketing tool with big gains including social media likes, clicks and shares and enhancing your SEO and link building. Let’s take a deeper look at 5 benefits of business blogging:

  1. Great for SEO
  2. SEO in Dubai is most effective when your website is regularly updated with new and rich content. But there’s only so much content you can add to existing site pages without confusing or overwhelming your users. This is where a blog can really help. Having a blog page with various categories is a great way to add new pages easily and update your website content with the latest keywords for your industry.

    They serve as flexible pieces of content that can really ramp up you organic search. Nowadays most content management services are equipped with SEO management tools that will help you with meta descriptions, tags and H1 titles while posting. Make sure that a focus keyword and topic, page title, meta description, meta keywords and tags is incorporated in ever post.

  3. Social media friendly
  4. With current wave of social media frenzy, it does prove challenging for brands to keep finding enough interesting content to post on their social media platforms and stay relevant with their audience. Blogging serves as the perfect solution. New blog posts can be also be used as social media content that can drive users from the social media platform to your website.

    Blog posts can be also repurposed for social media and re-shared over time across different platforms. You are also not limited to just share the links, include a quote or a snippet of video to pique fans’ interest. Thus the time you spend creating new blog posts, you can save on creating new social media posts.

  5. Gives a space for more information
  6. Stuffing your current static web pages with niche information about your business can overwhelm readers. Through a blog page, you have more room to explore and explain specific product features or new aspects of your business. You are limited as to how much information you can put on your products or services page on your website, but you can always share that information with a blog post. This shows that your business is truly diversified and can even educate readers.

    For example, if you sell water purifiers for example, your product page might focus on the purification process and technology, energy consumption, and so on. With a blog post, you can get more specific about the technology you use or and effects of having purified water that comes from your purifier. A blog describing a niche topic can result in some very targeted and specific traffic.

  7. Become a thought leader in your industry
  8. Consumers today are bombarded with new brands and new propositions every day, so naturally it is difficult to find the ones that you can trust. By blogging, you can show the world that you are in important player in your industry. This builds trust with new customers as they perceive your brand as a knowledgeable and reliable one, also thus helping build your brand identity.

    But publishing insights that explores current trends and news is a great way to demonstrate that you are in sync with not only the industry, but your audience as well. Once you get into the habit of posting relevant news regularly, before you know it you’ll have gained the confidence and trust of audiences who’ll come to see you as a thought leader.

  9. Stay updated on latest industry news
  10. Becoming a thought leader in turn means you are always in touch with your industry and your audience. Thinking of new content on the daily can seem challenging at first but you’ll soon find that once you’re plugged in to the right sources including other bloggers, you’ll be more in tune with what’s happening in your industry than you have ever been.

It’s good to have your finger on the pulse as it always puts you one step ahead of everyone. You will be revered by audiences and competitors alike, bumping you up to industry leader. Readers will come straight to your blog for their dose of news and upcoming trends.

How has blogging helped your business? Let us know in the comments below!

By Carla Castillo Managing Partner
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