4 SEO Strategies That Will Harm Your Website

With approaches in SEO in Dubai, there are some that almost never work, to the point of being counterproductive or destructive for most brands that attempt to wield them. Why are they still around? Some of them are obsolete practices, serving as remnants of strategies that used to work; in these cases, companies may not realize that search engines and best practices have changed.

Following these 4 approaches will almost certainly burn you, so stay away from them at all costs:

    1. Keyword stuffing

Keywords are a somewhat divisive issue in the SEO world, with some people arguing that keywords are no longer a relevant consideration, while others claim they still have value for audience targeting and performance evaluation. In any case, no matter whether you’re using keywords as the strategic basis of your strategy or you’ve abandoned them altogether, stuffing keywords into your content in the hopes of ranking for queries containing those keywords is a bad idea.

You won’t stand much better chance of ranking for those queries, thanks to the semantic search of Google’s Hummingbird update; and to make matters worse, your content will be evaluated at a lower quality. Your users won’t be happy reading keyword-stuffed content, either; there really is no victory here.

    1. Indulging in link schemes

Link-building is an essential component of an SEO strategy. However, participating in link schemes as a way to build your authority faster is going to hurt you. Google explicitly warns webmasters against the use of link schemes, which include paid links, link exchanges, and exotic tactics like link wheels. As a general rule, any link built with the deliberate and exclusive purpose to increase search rankings may be considered an unnatural and harmful link; it could therefore be flagged as spam and drag your authority down. Stick with organic link building tactics like guest posting to stay safe.

    1. Publishing too much content

Each piece of content you create adds a new title and a new page to Google’s index, provides more content for your users to read and search engines to index and provides more opportunities to acquire conversions and inbound links. So, it stands to reason that having more content is a good thing. The problem is, many novice search-optimizers are blinded by this thought, and start churning out content in high quantities rather than paying attention to that content’s value.

This is colloquially referred to as “fluff content,” and in the early days of SEO it might have helped you. Today, it will only bring down your search rankings and irritate your users, decreasing traffic and conversion rates.

    1. Obsessing over rankings

Keyword rankings are a good metric to measure the health of your SEO campaign, but they’re only one of several metrics you need to pay attention to. Assume, for a moment, that you hold 10 number 1 rankings for various keywords. That sounds great on the surface, right? But what kind of search volume are those specific keywords seeing? Are those people even clicking through to your site?

Assuming they are, are those keywords the kinds that would be input by future potential customers, or tire kickers? There are too many variables and metrics that influence the overall “value” of a position for you to obsess over a single metric like keyword ranking. That tunnel vision can compromise your interpretation, so avoid at any rate.

The good news is you have a degree of flexibility and forgiveness in SEO. Even if you mess up, you’ll have enough time and freedom to correct your mistakes and still see a positive ROI in the long term.

However, the more you can avoid these destructive practices in your ongoing efforts the better poised you’ll be for clear, long-term gains in SEO in Dubai.

By Bassem Saber Digital Marketing Expert
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