4 Digital Marketing Trends to Make Most of in 2017

The thing that makes digital marketing most exciting, and often times challenging, is that it’s constantly evolving. There will always be new ways to attract your target audience and convert them into sales and revenue.

That’s why new trends can’t be ignored. Trends in a sense reflect consumer’s changing behaviours, and without knowing and understand these changes, you cannot target your audiences effectively. So here are four trends you should to pay attention to in 2017:

    1. Everyone loves live video

Live video streaming started making some noise last year, but this year it’s going to take online marketing in Dubai by storm. Platforms like Facebook Live and Instagram Live Video allow you to reach your customer base in a way that’s very personal and raw.

There are no fancy video edits and your audience gets to take a peek inside your brand story. There are so many ways to use this to generate buzz like broadcasting from special events, in-store sales, etc. The opportunity is truly endless, especially for personal branding.

    1. Find a micro-influencer

Influencer marketing can deliver the highest return when stacked up against other forms of online marketing. In fact brands like the Hover board which was huge in Dubai, have built multi-million dollar companies using influencer marketing exclusively.

The cost has gone through the roof over the past couple years to secure the services of highly desirable social influencers. And not every brand can afford to pay high profile celebrities upwards an exorbitant amount for a social plug. This is why micro-influencers are becoming increasingly popular that and they work extremely well.

Finding micro-influencers with smaller followings that align with your brand can deliver amazing results. They are more affordable than big names and their engagement is genuine. Instead of trying to hit a home run and striking out, hit singles and doubles. In the end, you will experience much better results.

    1. Pull out your wallet for paid social media

The organic reach brands experienced in the early days of Facebook and Instagram is long gone, and this should be no surprise. These social networks make their money via advertisements. If you want to reap the benefits of their reach and audience, you need to break out the wallet. It’s important to remember that social networks are businesses too! They exist to make money just like us.

Always start small instead of dumping large sums of money into paid social media promotion. Facebook ads, for example, can deliver incredible reach at a very low cost, if you have your campaign properly optimized. It can take time to master Facebook ads but take that time to figure what is best strategy for your business.

    1. Artificial Intelligence is here

Investment in artificial intelligence is expected to triple in 2017. Brands are now tapping into the potential of machine learning. Facebook for example is rolling with news feed ads that open directly into Messenger chats and hybrid products such as Google Allo, a smart messaging app with an integrated AI assistant.

What this means is you go from mass targeting to one-to-one conversations. It’s being able to start a conversation with a potential customer rather than have them click-through to your website and hope they submit a form or make a purchase. There is a lot of potential with integrating AI into digital marketing and businesses better be well equipped to make the most of it.

By Bassem Saber Digital Marketing Expert
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