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4 Basics Every Website Needs for Conversion

Your website may be up and running and receiving consistent flow of traffic. But if your visitors are bouncing from your site, you can say goodbye to important business leads. It’s true that with today’s multi-channel digital marketing landscape in Dubai, there’s no shortage of opportunities to get visitors to your site. But getting them to stick around and visit again is a different story entirely.

The first thing you have to do to turn your site into a lead-generating machine is conduct a thorough site analysis to better understand your site’s problem areas and provide clarity as to why visitors are bouncing. When it comes to improving your lead generation in Dubai, you need to start with these basics:

  1. Attractive landing page
  2. Landing pages are a crucial aspect of a site that a first-time user will judge. Landing pages are successful when they succinctly tell your story, are relevant to your visitor’s needs and entice visitors to continue exploring your site. If your copy and brand messaging feels inconsistent to the ads or content sources driving your visitors to your site, they may leave immediately.

    Remember, you have a very short window of time to impress on your landing page, so don’t waste it with botched creative, confusing calls to action or inconsistent messaging. You can use heat mapping tools to gain a better sense of where your landing pages are excelling or falling short. From heat maps, you’ll be able to see where visitors tend to linger most so you can make actionable site upgrades based on this feedback.

  3. Fast load times & speeds
  4. Not only is site speed a key factor in Google’s ranking algorithm, but it is also one of the first snap judgments users will make when they visit your site for the first time. Mobile visits are immediately abandoned if a site takes longer than three seconds to load on a mobile device.

    Mobile users don’t have the time or patience to wait around for your site to load. If you don’t deliver immediacy you can almost guarantee that first-time visitors will bounce and never look back. You can consult Google’s Page Speed Tool to see how quickly your pages really load across devices.

  5. Valuable content
  6. Most brands today already invest in robust content marketing programs to educate their existing customers on product updates, company initiatives and industry trends. But high-quality blog and video content is also an assured way to attract new customers. Creating ongoing content series specifically aimed at educating new audiences in the form of blogs, videos or webinars will help you convince audiences that revisiting your site, or better yet, joining your list, is worth it.

    A powerful story will always be one of your strongest sales tools. If you create ongoing content series that shares your brand’s story and communicates to your customer the value of your product or service, then your site’s visitors will be enticed to come back for more.

  7. Clear calls to action
  8. Successful website lead generation depends on your site’s ability to capture key customer information. But potential leads won’t know when and where to leave their information if they’re not clearly told through strong calls to action.

    One call to action per page is not enough if you want to capture information from the majority of your site’s visitors. Customers are scrolling fast and looking for specific information, which means they’re going to miss some of your CTAs, regardless of how bold or bright they may be. You must include multiple calls to action that relate to specific steps within the customer buying funnel across every page of your website.

    When it comes to convincing customers to input their information, language matters. The phrases “submit here” and “sign up now” are boring and definitely not the best that you can offer your visitors. Instead, try grabbing the attention of your users with phrases like “Discover More” or “Start Your Free Trial Now”.

By Bassem Saber Digital Marketing Expert
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