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4 Areas to Maximize on for Great Content Marketing

The competition for online attention is heating up and marketers must find ways to reach their audiences in the most relevant and targeted way possible. Content marketing as we know, has become one of the top ways for businesses and marketers in Dubai to reach their audiences online. So isn’t it time that we really start paying attention to it and getting it right?

So here are 4 key factors that can greatly enhance your content marketing in 2017:

  1. Video is king
  2. Whether it’s live streamed or recorded, video will surely be one of the top content formats of the year. In 2016, we’ve seen Snapchat and Facebook Live taking the world by storm. But it’s not just live streaming that had success or will have success in 2017, but regular recorded videos as well.

    Why? Because video works. For example, studies have found that by including a link to a video in your emails, you can increase your conversions by a staggering 200-300%. Or, if you include a video on your landing page, you could start getting up to 80% more conversions. People are simply much more likely to take action after viewing a video, which includes engagement, such as sharing and commenting.

    Video marketing is going to be huge in 2017, particularly on social media, so we’re likely to also see a lot of businesses and marketers creating more videos for their websites and social profiles, as well as using streaming services for a new way of reaching their audiences.

  3. Influencer marketing
  4. As more and more influencers pop up on social media and the online world in general, the easier it is for marketers to use them for promotional purposes. It’s the reason why influencer marketing has been a hugely popular practice in 2016 and definitely looks to dominate in 2017.

    Influencer marketing is a perfect way of promoting your content, as it can help you reach a much larger targeted audience. Since social media is helping more people than ever to become influencers in all kinds of niches and industries, it’s much easier for marketers and businesses to find influencers to connect with. In order to find influencers, start by looking in your own list of followers first to discover any potential influencers that are already following you.

  5. Visual content
  6. It’s not just video that’s doing very well this year, other types of visual content are also becoming more popular. So use as many visuals as possible in your content, such as images and infographics. Ideally, try to create your own instead of using stock photos, as it will help you stand out from the competition and attract more of your audience’s attention.

    Even with written content, it’s essential that you use as much imagery as possible to break it up and make it more readable and entertaining for your audience. Visual content also works well on social media, so create a plan to publish more images, GIFs and other types of visuals in order to help you boost your engagement, as well as clicks and traffic.

  7. Webinars and online courses
  8. The online course industry has been quietly, but very quickly, evolving into a huge industry worth over $100 billion. Webinars and online courses are extremely popular and continue to do well this year.

    With a webinar or online course, you can offer the ultimate value to your audience: teach them something new in a quick, but very efficient way. Think of something that you know very well and find an angle that would most interest your audience. Then, you can use one of a plethora of tools that allow you to put together your course, as well as set up payment for it. You can then host it on your website and use your social media channels, email list and website to promote it. Not only are online courses a great way of diversifying your content in 2017, but they can even become an extra revenue stream for you.

By Carla Castillo Managing Partner
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