10 Tips for Better Healthcare Marketing in Dubai

Healthcare marketing in a competitive market such as Dubai is more challenging than ever in the digital age. The audience is inundated with information. Ads left and right compete for limited attention and overstimulate the public. Lacking an online presence is tantamount to not existing at all, and in order to thrive online, you have to learn different marketing tools with different social media platforms. And in a region like Dubai where the population is among the world’s biggest consumers of social media, any business that wants to stay relevant has to keep up with its target market online.

This may all sound like a lot of work, but with enough knowledge and preparation, healthcare marketing in Dubai can be rewarding and can help you grow your healthcare business bigger than you expected. Here are ten tips that can help you get started!

1. Be Useful on Social Media

You want to keep your target audience engaged so that you will always be on their radar. The more frequently they see and feel your presence, the easier you will be to recall once people from your audience need your services. People often go for what is familiar.

Get to know your target market better and use that knowledge to create your social media content. Ask them questions. Conduct online surveys. Observe their online behavior. Engaging your audience makes them feel heard. Getting to know your audience better gives you information on what exactly they need so you can provide them with better services.

2. Keep Your Website Fast and Organized

The faster your page loads, the higher it will rank on Google search results, not to mention that your audience will have a better experience with your site if your pages load faster. Your website is not an area of your business that you should be cutting costs in. Your website is your frontliner—before most of your customers can even meet you in person, they will very likely have browsed through your website. Invest in your website and have it professionally designed.

It is also good to have a systematic approach when it comes to how the information is presented on your site. Take advantage of the available research on what works for your target market online.

3. Run Targeted Ads

For the ads you run to have maximum efficiency, they must reach the right people. 

At the moment, there’s no better way to lend some laser focus to your healthcare marketing in Dubai than by prioritizing digital marketing over traditional marketing. Digital ads have the advantage over traditional ads of being better aimed at the demographic that is best suited for your services. With digital ads, you can focus your healthcare marketing in Dubai to the people who actually do want to see your ads, and so the conversion will be higher.

Google, Facebook, and Instagram are the best avenues to run your ads on simply because they are the social media platforms that people use the most. It is best to start with them, and you may not even need to advertise anywhere else if you advertise with those three.

4. Invest in Video Media Assets

Experts tout video marketing to be the best way to market online in 2020, as video marketing, when carried out correctly, drive up engagement with your audience significantly compared to when you only use text posts and photos.

The best ways to use video marketing would be to post videos on your website and social media pages of topics relevant to both your target market and the services you offer. Examples would be videos that demonstrate or clarify the services you offer, explain common illnesses in the demographic you serve, and answers to questions that your audience frequently asks.

5. Build a Habit for Analytics

It’s not enough nowadays to simply have social media accounts and to post regularly. With how the social media algorithms have changed over time, it is necessary for a business owner to be savvy when it comes to analytics to stay ahead of the competition. Make it a point to regularly check the analytics of your business pages on social media.

Analytics helps track the effectiveness of your social media posts and online campaigns, compare the performance of your social media pages to your competitors’, and to identify online trends related to healthcare marketing in Dubai.

6. Leverage Patient Reviews

Your potential clients will always trust reviews from real people. Patient reviews show the people visiting your website or social media pages that you are a trustworthy healthcare provider.

Highlight your best patient reviews on your websites and on platforms like Google My Business. Make it easy for your patients to write reviews for your healthcare business. If you get any bad reviews – and you will! All businesses will – be responsive to the negative reviews, ask your patient what you can do to rectify the situation, and do something about it right away. No healthcare provider is perfect, but you can excel in your field for sure.

7. Know Your Locale

Healthcare marketing in Dubai will have some aspects that are unique to them when compared to marketing elsewhere in the world. It pays to study the market you exclusively cater to. There are things that may work for your target market that won’t work for other markets, and vice versa.

Having a good knowledge of how Dubai and its residents are will make healthcare marketing in Dubai easier, as you will know what definite approaches apply to them when it comes to spending habits, censorship, specific health concerns, and the like.

Conclusion: Healthcare Marketing in Dubai

Marketing as a whole can indeed be challenging, but healthcare marketing in Dubai for your medical practice doesn’t have to be. Being up-to-date on new digital marketing technology helps your business stay competitive in this day and age, and there are several ways you can market your business online and stay ahead of the competition. You can start right now with a free consultation from Igloo Healthcare Marketing Firm.


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