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Making first impressions count

In this multi-screen world, your website has about 15 seconds to make an impact. So making the right first impression is crucial.

Web Design in Dubai

Your company website acts as the first point of contact for potential customers, allowing them to gauge the competencies of your business based solely on what they see on their screen. At Igloo, we see the potential of your website as an online business tool. With this in mind, we deliver engaging user experiences that effectively communicate your value proposition to target customers.

Staying ahead, staying focused

When you’re working with technology, you can’t get left behind. Our web design services make use of the latest and most appropriate technologies in Dubai to build effective pages, tools, interfaces and strategies that run smoothly.

We take you through the entire process of building your custom website, right from establishing the look and feel of your site, to building it, testing it and ultimately unveiling it to the world! We do not believe in the philosophy of ‘one template fits all’, always adapting to the latest business trends and evolving consumer behaviour and creating web experiences that matter. And we don’t just focus on the appeal, but also taking into consideration the user friendliness and search engine capability of your website.

We do custom responsive design

Having a beautiful website that looks good on laptop screen just won’t cut these days. Naturally, it has to look as good on mobile screens too.

We ensure your new website works effectively on all smaller screens, integrating all the supporting appendages like social media, email subscriptions and blogs. This means your business will be more accessible to a wider reach of people regardless of where they are and whether they are using their laptops, mobiles or tablets to access it.

Igloo designs for your business needs

Responsive Web Design in Dubai

If you are looking for sophisticated website design that’s in-line with the latest web trends in Dubai and across the world, Igloo has you covered. Our web team takes the time to analyze your niche, your audience and the type of website you want and need, delivering web design in the UAE that differentiates you from the rest, and delivering the ROI you seek.

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