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As leader in our industry, communication, marketing and branding are important part of our day-to-day business. Brand awareness and positioning are of strategic importance and this is best left to experts.

The Igloo team have assisted us with our social media activities, marketing and website solutions so far as well as working on special projects. As subject matter experts, they add value to our business, working in true partnership, understanding our challenges and objectives. Why do we work with Igloo? Because they deliver results.

Romain Liot | Managing Director


I’ve been in business for over 15 years and worked with many suppliers, partners, and agencies like Igloo.

When I first launched Pizzaly in Dubai, I worked with a marketing agency that I thought they’d take my business to high levels. After few months, I knew this isn’t going to happen, and meanwhile I learned about Igloo. I met one of Igloo’s partners that had over 7 years of experience in helping clients in the digital space, and gave me some good tips and advice on how to take my business to the next level. After few days I called him and asked him if he can take over from the other agency. Since then, we designed and developed a website with Igloo www.pizzaly.com, we ran many campaigns and contests to interact with existing users and attract new ones, and just after a couple months, we started seeing an increase in orders and new customers. I recommend working with Igloo because they are true partners and care about their clients, not to mention their level of professionalism and customer service.

Corrado Genovese | Managing Partner

Spanish Business CouncilSpanish Business Council

We recently hired Igloo to design the new Spanish Business Council’s brochure for our members.

We had already worked with the team in the past, and were very happy with the way they work, they way they communicate and the attention given to us throughout the process. Once again, Igloo has successfully designed a marketing tool that clearly communicates what the SBC stands for and its commitment to help members build strategic & successful business partnerships in the region. Best of all, our members appreciate their good work.

Maria Lago | Marketing Manager

Euromed Clinic Center
Euromed Clinic Center

I work in a company involved in the Medical industry. We initially reached out to Igloo for a few specific services, yet over time we have asked them to take on more and more, as we were clearly impressed by what they had to offer!

Not only has Igloo been extremely professional, they have also gone above and beyond what we initially expected from them, making an extra effort to cater to our individual needs.

I love the personal attention that Igloo gives to its clients, and am really happy with their services- hope that they can keep it up!

Shehzeen Ahmad | Manager

Grand Café

We have marketed our high-end restaurant online for over a year and seen unsatisfactory results, so we decided to hire a professional agency to help us. We researched and met over 7 agencies including Igloo.

Their team presented a strategy to turnaround our business that made perfect sense to us. We knew from that meeting that Igloo’s team know they business very well and we trusted we will get results if we partner with them. We signed the agreement, Igloo then developed strong marketing strategy that involves over 10 channels to reach our target market, which we approved instantly. During the time we’ve worked with Igloo, their team showed high quality work standards with strong account management, and most importantly obvious results in few weeks of the strategy implementation. Today I look back and see an increase of over 100% in our turnover and number of new customers. Therefore, we highly recommend Igloo to any other business and we look forward to continuing working with them.

Mohamad Mirza | General Manager

Innovation 360

We needed a web development company to redesign and develop our new website, and we selected Igloo for their flexibility and high-level of expertise to help us transform our website from a few hundred pages to something we could more easily manipulate and keep updated.

Through our on-going iterations during development, they served not only as developers but advisors through the process. They are very service oriented, and responsive. I strongly recommend Igloo for personalized and professional web development. I will use them again in the future for my next online marketing project.

Catherine Bentley | CMO

As an expert in business consulting and marketing, I have helped a number of business owners grow their businesses through strategic relationship marketing. We implement digital marketing and social media as part of one of our programs, and I myself have been managing my social media for the last 8 years. While I was relatively successful at it and lauded for my coverage and strategy, there comes a point when every business owner is overwhelmed by the accumulating responsibilities.

I decided that reaching out to experts was a more productive solution as these experts “Live and Breathe” their expertise to a level I could never hope to reach, given the limited time available to do so. So I realized in 2016 that in order to take my online visibility to the next level, I would have to seek external expertise. The goal was to maximize new areas and strategies and also help me free up my time to fully commit to my own clients and other business roles. What I truly appreciate about working with Igloo and especially you, Bassem, is that I feel I am understood, appreciated and communicated to as more than just a client, but a partner. Communication between us is fast, to the point and efficient. I am also getting far better results than when I was managing my social media on my own. All in all, what I get out of my relationship with you and Igloo is what any business owner can hope for—it saves me time, stress and money. I believe that learning is key to maintaining a competitive edge in this market. Your passion to continually improve and build on your knowledge in the digital space means that I receive the most up-to-date tools possible as your client. The results of our campaigns are also shared regularly and systematically, so that I am able to monitor progress and work with you to make necessary changes as they occur in real time. As a direct result of your strategies, I have seen my online visibility increase over 1000% in some channels and 30 to 40% in others. I have absolutely no hesitation in continuing to recommend your services to people I meet, especially when I see them not getting the results or expertise I have been fortunate to experience with you as my digital marketing partner/expert.

Phil Bedford | Master Franchisee

Working with Igloo on our new website was a great experience. Their personalized approach to helping our business grow with a new and improved corporate image was invaluable. Their web team worked diligently with us to come up with a design that accurately represents our company and identity, and can be displayed proudly alongside our competitors’ websites. We are really pleased with the result and it was a pleasure working with them.

We highly recommend Igloo to any business requiring a professional and sophisticated new avatar that can effectively communicate their value proposition to their target markets. We applaud their work and look forward to the next collaboration.

Camille Abusaba | CEO

Based on my experience, Igloo is one of the best website designers and developers in the industry thanks to their professional team and top-notch service. The staff in Igloo has an in-depth knowledge of the services they provide, and they are able to demonstrate it by delivering outstanding results.

I was impressed by their creativity and attention to detail every step of the way. They make sure they understand their clients’ needs, which is why I highly recommend Igloo to any business who needs a website.

Aksana Bazhdugova | General Manager

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