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As the visual foundation of a brand, a logo must be unique in every away and serve as a stamp of distinction.

Custom Logo Design in Dubai

Your visual identity is the most important representation of your brand that needs to be communicated through symbols that are simple, powerful and easily reproduced in order to be recognized by millions of consumers.

When done creatively and strategically, a logo is a visual manifestation of a brand’s attributes and core values. It should reflect your brand’s personality. It is what consumers remember and should be the first thing that comes to mind when they picture your brand.

What makes a great logo?

A corporate logo should create a memorable association with a particular brand. It is the initial impression most people see of company, much like the flag of a country. Its creation needs to consider many factors, including the culture of the company it represents.

An interesting and intelligent combination and use of shapes, colors, typefaces and other elements should be used to create a logo that is simple, yet rich with a concept synonymous to the organization. It should be directed towards the masses with a multi-cultural appeal to the widest possible audience.

A logo is associated with the value of the brand, becoming a symbol of assurance and reliability. More than a mere visual mark, it is the face of your organization in Dubai, and so it must be original and memorable for the greatest impact.

Igloo designs modern logos

Custom Logo Design

The internet revolution and the current age of social media have forever changed how brands vocalize who they are. Logos are now flexible to the brand’s individual needs and are constantly reinvented.

Igloo provides modern, sophisticated logo design services in Dubai that uniquely positions your brand in the market. We bring together your company values into a symbol that draws connection and recall from customers.

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