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Understanding the dynamics of various online channels, we integrate push and pull marketing strategies, help your business become more visible and generate leads at lowest costs. Understanding the dynamics of various online channels, we adopt the best and latest practices of digital marketing in the UAE to achieve maximum ROI for your business and help your brand grown online.

Social Media Marketing

Socially driven, personally focused

Over 75% of customers today will research a company online before making a purchase. Hence, online reputation is where many brands have the most impact from customers. Social media in Dubai serves as the best platform that allows your business to cultivate trust by directly interacting with your customers and building a strong online reputation.

There is no doubt that people are more likely to buy from a company that is interactive and has a strong presence on social media.

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Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Your search for effective search ends here

To understand Search Engine Optimization, you must first understand the behaviour of search engines like Google. Google functions like an online library. When a consumer performs an online search, Google scans its body of information, through an arsenal of data and factors in two aspects:

First, it provides only results that are relevant to the search. And second, it ranks those results according to the popularity of the websites.

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PPC Advertising

Researched, targeted and ready to fly

With the thousands of brands all competing for the same eyeballs, it’s never been more relevant to advertise online. PPC advertising is the key to promoting your products and services to the right audience.

It is the process of gaining website traffic and visibility through paid efforts such as purchasing advertisements on search engines.

These paid advertisements appear on search engine result pages, when a search is performed by an interested customer.

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Content Marketing

Developing quality content that informs, sells and sticks

If there is one thing that commands the digital world today, it’s content.

The business need for creating content that grabs attention and holds it, has rolled in a new era of content marketing in Dubai that focuses on developing the larger story your organization wants to tell.

It is an integrated and highly rewarding effort to engage an audience, using original and high-quality content that drives profitable results.

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Inbound Marketing

Generating leads through meaningful content

For years now, businesses in Dubai have tried to reach consumers on the Internet using traditional advertisements like banners and embedded videos. But people don’t want to be spammed by your unwanted ads anymore. In fact, most people now resort to ad-blocking software to avoid constant bombardment of ads. This is why businesses often fail to make an impact.

These paid advertisements appear on search engine result pages, when a search is performed by an interested customer.

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Lead Generation

High quality leads just a phone call away

While lead generation is not a new form of driving new business, it now has a new approach. Gone are the days of waiting at trade shows or exhibitions hoping that targeted consumers will fill out a form for you. Thanks to the technology of the internet, you can now have online business leads generated and sent to you.

A lead is a qualified potential buyer who shows some level of interest in purchasing your product or service. At Igloo, we help generate new business leads through both inbound and outbound marketing.

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Our Process

  1. Ideation & Strategy
  2. Whether it is a cross platform product launch, a yearlong retainer-based social activity or a single objective-driven engagement campaign, we put your customers in the center of the experience through clear and actionable plans that drive business results and ensure ROI. By thinking socially and aligning audiences, objectives, strategies and tactics, we help your business achieve measurable results through diverse yet appropriate channels.

  3. Content Creation
  4. We believe that content is at the core of every single mention, share and human interaction online or offline, while remembering that relevance and timing is what drives all interactions. Our content writers and creative designers work together to conceive and execute content that combines editorial, video, photography and custom images. Our social content initiates conversation bringing your brand closer to people and creating a deep and lasting bond.

  5. Community Engagement
  6. We work across all social media channels from Facebook and Linkedin to Instagram and Twitter to deliver the right messaging on the right platform to your audiences at all times. Our team of community managers are online 7 days a week, constantly engaging with potential and current customers, brand advocates, media and other interested audiences.

  7. Analysis & Optimization
  8. Our social and SEM team monitors, analyses and measures all social activities and aligns them to our strategy and your goals. We deliver intensive monthly and quarterly reports that can help improve and grow your brand’s presence on social media in the UAE, while exceeding expectations and achieving KPIs.

Why Igloo

We attract relevant customer traffic with interesting content and proven & tested methodologies.

We engage your customers with relevant messaging, optimal reach and meaningful campaigns.

We convert leads into sales, increasing the visibility of your business, the popularity of your brand and the trust from your customers.

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