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Designing a bright future for your business

Design has become the promise of quality and reputation. With our understanding of diverse design disciplines and meticulous attention to every touch point, we create bespoke design and branding services in Dubai.

Graphic design is considered the stylized approach to communication using type and image. However, there is so much more to consider when designing materials that must be succinct, meaningful and drive the target to action.

Whether it’s a company logo design or marketing collateral design, we pay close attention to every detail in order to get the most out of your messaging. Graphic design is a critical aspect of the overall perception and image of your brand, and it plays a key role in the success of the specific marketing collateral materials.

We design marketing collateral that generates attention in a cluttered environment while simultaneously helping the target quickly and easily absorb the information and why it will benefit them. We bring creative strategies that convey quality, credibility and a valuable experience to your business and customers.

We offer the following graphic design services in Dubai:

Corporate Identity

Your core identity branded for success

An exceptional brand is one that is consistent. Building a strong, consistent brand identity is like building a custom suit of armour. It distinguishes, protects and reflects your organisation’s culture in the modern day marketplace. The better you take care of it; the better protected and recognized your business is. In order to stand out from competitors, your company needs to create a niche in your customer’s mind by building a unique and appealing identity.

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Logo Design

Tailored to detail, designed to perfection

As the visual foundation of a brand, a logo must be unique in every away and serve as a stamp of distinction.

As a business, your visual identity is the most important representation of your brand and needs to be communicated through symbols that are simple, powerful and easily reproduced in order to be recognized by millions of consumers.

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Sales & Marketing Collateral

Your power kit of stunning design and strong messaging

The best collateral also builds and maintains strong brands. It forges a connection between the buyer and the seller. It communicates superiority and competitive differentiation and thus enables companies to stand out among all the others.

At Igloo, we help establish your brand’s credibility using strong and uniform visual messaging throughout your brand collateral, keeping your business ahead of the competition.

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Packaging Design

Bringing ‘out of the box’ design, onto your box

It is proving to be a fierce battleground these days for packaging and the cut through from brands to shoppers is now much tougher than ever before. Competition between brands, the growth of private labels, thousands of extra marketing stimuli in stores and not to mention the smart, savvy generation of shoppers to contend with, means that brands have a huge number of items to overcome in order to succeed at the Point of Purchase.

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Our Process

  1. Research & Discovery
  2. Our team first assesses the questions- Where are you today? Who are you competing against and who are you targeting? In addition to customer research and competitive analysis, we examine your corporate history and culture, your mission and your plans for the future.

  3. Define
  4. We help establish a positioning statement for your business that captures the essence of your brand that is grounded in reality and delivers what you promise. It sets the goals that your business should always strive for.

  5. Build & Integrate
  6. Once the identity has been defined, we create a visual style that is cohesive to your brand personality and expresses your value proposition; using powerful and strategically aligned design techniques.

Why Igloo

We bring meaning

Great design stands for something. We deliver identities that express an organization’s unique mission, history, culture, values, and personality.

We bring durability & flexibility

Consumers are reassured by logos, symbols and trademarks that are familiar. In order to be familiar, we create brand design that transcends change and remains recognizable and prepares your company for growth in the future.

We bring coherence

Coherence fosters loyalty and trust with customers. We devise a style guide for implementing your visual identity consistently that includes directions on logo usage, choosing the right fonts and colours, as well as photos and illustrations.

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