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Who we are

Igloo was born in Dubai, in 2014 to a visionary trio who were already paving the way to innovative solutions in the marketing space. Two years and a dozen employees later, Igloo is now home to a dynamic team of marketing professionals who work towards transforming and helping your business grow. A mixed bag of creative thinkers, strategy makers and deal breakers, every day presents us with a challenge we conquer together.

Literally speaking, Igloo or iglu in the Inuit language, simply means “house”. A strong, complex and creative architectural paragon that represents an ingenious use of nature’s own resources to shelter human needs.

Inspired by the simplicity of one of history’s coolest engineering marvels, we are Igloo. A strong, complex and creative agency in Dubai, working towards providing sound marketing solutions to your business.

What we do

We are a multi armed team working towards building a strong digital and offline presence for your brand to compete in today’s business world. Passionate and knowledgeable about digital marketing in the UAE, we guide you towards effective strategy making and helping your business grow.

Whether your business is looking to start from scratch or just improve your existing brand messaging- we ideate, design and execute a marketing plan that is unique to your needs and is the best value for your money.

Why we do it

At Igloo, business is personal. We value people and relationships because ultimately, we work with you, for you. By providing bespoke design solutions and performance based digital marketing in Dubai, we take the stress off your shoulders, giving you time to focus on your business and what you love doing. We love bringing cutting edge strategies to every conversation, taking your brand to the market and increasing your business sales and market share.

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